Starbucks as a company was founded in the year 1971 in Seattle, Washington in the United States. It currently has operations going on in over twenty three thousand locations globally. The biggest share of its stores are located in the United States, with other major stores being in Canada, the United Kingdom and China.

Competition for Starbucks is stiff today than it was upon its establishment with many companies coming up that deal in the same trade. Among the most notable ones include Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s. Dunkin’ Donuts for example has upped its game a little bit by providing customers with a wide variety of coffee products that are not offered by Starbucks. McDonald’s on the other hand is of late registering income higher than Starbucks, with the latest figures in 2015 reaching twenty six million dollars.

Starbucks targets largely mature adults of between the ages of twenty five and fourty as they account for approximately fourty nine percent of their total sales. Young adults between eighteen and twenty four account for approximately fourty percent of its customers whereas children form just two percent. This is majorly for the markets within the United States of America as this is the place where majority of its stores are based.

Starbucks as a company deals majorly in coffee and coffee products. The company trades in speciality coffee drinks which make upto seventy five percent of the companies total sales annually. However, Starbucks has registered increasing amounts in its business and this has resulted from the sales of whole coffee beans. Of late, the company has also ventured in the sale of coffee related merchandise to increase profitability.





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