Summary on an Assault on Justice


Justice refers to the attainment of what is just, especially that which is moral, right, fair, or in agreement with the law. On the other hand, the term justice can also be defined as the principle of being righteous. The article, therefore, is a summary based on the reading titled “An assault on Justice”.

From the article titled “An assault on justice,” we get different incidents that are articulated by the author trying to give assault activities that are undertaken by the guards. The author in his statement or rather arguments we find that the situation has been a daily routine and the officers have taken it as a hobby since none is on the look on what is happening to prisoners in their respective cells. An example of the prisons stated by the author, in this case, such as New York’s Ryker Island and Loreto, which are termed to be notorious for violent assaults committed by guards on duty.

Narrowing down into much details from the article, we find that the author who was a prisoner for approximately 23 months in a federal prison for the reason of blowing the whistle on the CIA’s torture program gives what he experienced in one of the federal correctional institutions at Loretto. While at the correctional facility a former guard was brought in as a prisoner, the former guard had used his boots to stomp one of the prisoner leaving him unconscious. The statements from the guards who brought him were very clear “this is his house” which afterward he was transferred to the minimum-security work camp across the street, despite the fact he had committed an offense which of course justice was on assault.

Additionally, from the article we also come across the other incidents that were evidenced by the author as what we call as denial of rights for the prisoners which in other terms referred to as an assault is the story of one of his cellmate whom he gave the name as “James.” James was a mentally ill homeless man who was clear with both of his medical staffs and cellmates that he was mentally sick and needed medical care as suggested by the author. From the article, we find that James was about to be released, but the problem comes in when he was denied his meds.

From James struggles to try and get his meds the staffs got angered which made him be stripped naked, beaten and kicked out of the institution. The scenario took place in the month of January which is associated with low temperatures which at 10 degrees in Pennsylvania Mountains, From the incident an eye witness stated that James tried to apologize asking the officers to let him back but all was in vain which made him cry bitterly a couple of hours and fainted.

The guards who did this to James were never punished, and the incident passed is also true that even if he had reported the incident to the federal bureau of prisons headquarters, none would have heard. Also, we get the question rising that would you believe a mentally ill man who is also homeless and a uniformed law enforcement officer. From this incident, we find the aspect of justice much assaulted than anticipated.


From the case, we find the issue of Justice not taken into account especially in most of our prisons or rather cells. In most of the cells, we find guards involving themselves in criminal activities against the prisoners especially unauthorized beatings and torture to an extent that leads to the death of the prisoners. It is therefore recommended for the justice department in every country to take into account the aspect of justice to the later and get officers who have the ill intention of assaulting inmates charged and arrested.



















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