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Texting forms part of social communication today. However, it brings with it a number of problems to the today’s society. The problems discussed herein under include accidents resulting from drivers’ texting while driving, poor grades due to the texting of students in classrooms and the total breakdown of face to face communication.

A literature review is given on the texting after which some of the most prevalent problems with texting are highlighted and finally solutions offered owing to the problems which are independent variables. Finally a conclusion that reflects on all that is covered in the paper is provided.

Literature Review

A wealth of literature exist about the modern social problem that texting has become today. One such piece of literature is “Slouching toward the ordinary: Current trends in computer-mediated communication” by Herring, S. C. According to the article, texting offers individuals today with modes of communication that are cheap, fast and sort of democratic. Messages sent through texts on various social media are free from heavy scrutiny and are more popular today (Herring, 2004). New social practices emerge due to texting; which are leading the society towards a negative direction (Herring, 2004).

The facilitation of communication between groups of friends by means of texting is covered by (Humphreys, 2007) in the article, “Mobile social networks and social practice: A case study of Dodgeball.” In this article, dodgeball is brought out as multi social network system that allows friends to connect with others through text messages. The article asserts that such kind of texting leads to behavioural changes in people and changes their social interaction (Humphreys, 2007).

Texting has also influenced other spheres of professional practice, according to (Hawn, 2009) in the article, “Take two aspirin and tweet me in the morning: how Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are reshaping health care.” In this article, communication between doctor and patient at times occur through text which influence negatively on the impacts of face to face doctor patient communication.


Texting is among the most common methods of communication in the modern day world. However, it has become a sort of a social problem owing to the manner in which it has influenced lives of people. Most people love texting for it is convenient and fun. Further, there are many platforms which include social sites and phone messages where people can chat and share files instantly. Texting has influenced lives in ways that takes much from the lives people were used to before and this impacts on the social rubric of society while it exposes addicts to dangers such as vulnerability to accidents due to diversion of concentration.

Nature of the Problem

To many people accustomed to social media today, social media is the current trend as various platforms are available through which people communicate. However, it has become more of a social problem as the over indulgence in texting has affected other aspects of life.

Most of the common social problems associated with texting include wrong interpretation of messages conveyed through text messages as compared to when the same are conveyed face to face. Thus, people may act differently to messages and these might have consequences; for example in instances where sarcasm can be mistaken for rudeness.

Motorist do find themselves exchanging messages via text messages while driving. This has the effect of deviating attention from the motorists and thus they are at high risks of causing or being involved in accidents. A number of accidents have already occurred around the globe because the influence of texting while on the steering wheels.

Most of students of today do carry their mobile devices to class rooms and lecture halls through which they can text others within and out of the classrooms. This reduces their concentration on class related activities and the eventual result is that they will post poor grades in their school results. Thus texting goes on to affect them even in future life as concentration in class determine their future lives


Almost everyone accustomed to texting finds problems with their social life. Texting limits the face to face contact between parties communicating with one another. This keeps them so apart yet they feel so close when they text each other. This makes people perform poorly when they are have to communicate on a face to face basis. They have poor communication skills and do badly in face to face communication as they are only accustomed to texting.

Potential Independent Variables that Maybe Part of the Solution

There are various solutions that can be offered to tackle the social problem that texting has become. This can only be based on the independent variable problems of texting that have been pointed out in the above section and these include texting while driving, texting in classes and replacing social face to face interaction with group communication through sharing of texts on a social media.

To begin with, traffic laws should be formulated that bar the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets while driving. Traffic law enforcers should then do their best to see to it that such laws are enforced. This will ensure that motorists desist from activities such as texting while driving and thus exposing other people’s lives to various risks including deaths from road accidents.

Poor grades in class have been blamed on among other factors; texting in classrooms. This can be solved by schools and colleges being strict on students on the usage of phones and such like devices within classrooms and lecture halls.  This will ensure that the ability of the students to text is limited as the same is enhanced through these devices. Thus; problems of poor grades will be reduced considerably.

There are a number of ways of promoting face to face social interaction among members of certain groups that are so used to the use of text messages to pass information they consider important. This can be altered by schools and colleges that teens and young adults attend to appreciating the value of face to face communication and at all time trying to urge them on ensuring it is the best way of communication; thus diminishing their interest in this type of communication as they are the bulk of persons who regularly communicate through text messaging.


To conclude on this. Texting is a form of communication that is most prevalent across a number of social networks of today. It has contributed positively to communication in the society as well as negatively which can be attributed to the over indulgence in texting for the fun and convenience that comes with it. Results of this has been among other; students posting poor grades in school, drivers causing accidents and the slow erosion of face to face communication within the society. This raises the need to solve the various social problems mentioned and their solution can be coined from the independent variable problems of texting.


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