The lost Columbus voyage


When Columbus died, he knew that the lands he had discovered such as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Haiti were Asian countries. However, this was not the case. Westward passage was the main motive behind Columbus experience in the lost voyage. He was so much obsessed with the idea that he could not help but to keep traversing the oceans. He wanted to identify an ocean link that would enable the Europeans to access Asia. He had an idea that when the Europeans shall have reached Asia, they would be able to acquire spices and other Asian valuable commodities.

During the lost voyage, Columbus was faced with several challenges such as catastrophes. These included long periods of being marooned, rotting ships and hurricanes. These catastrophes made it impossible for Columbus to sail to the new world, which is Asia.

In the movie, Columbus is presented as a ruthless, brave and shrewd man. He was known to lie to his crew members to so as they could push forward with their long journey. He was also very ruthless to the natives of the new lands he discovered during his voyage. It was also very difficult for his to locate where he was at any particular moment and how he got to that particular point because there were no maps readily available during those times.  Columbus was a brave man who was obsessed with the urge to explore the world and conduct trade.

He was able to face several challenges during his lost voyage adventure but only some of them were reviewed in the movie. The people Columbus sailed with as members of his crew were very violent, cruel and brutal. The harsh weather conditions that were encountered during the lost voyage caused nine of the Columbus ships to sink. This was a major blow to his adventure because he lost several lives and goods altogether. Several members of his crew were attacked with various diseases and some of them died as a result of this. They also lacked supply of both water and food. This compelled the crew members to eat saw dust from the wooden boards of the ships. Columbus himself faced mutiny because all the crew members became dehydrated.

Another challenge that Columbus faced in the lost voyage was a threat of killing from the crew members. The crew members were displeased with the journey and wanted to sail back to Europe but Columbus insisted. When they saw he was persistent, they wanted to kill him instead. He could not locate his whereabouts because he lacked a map.

In the lost voyage, Christopher Columbus contributed to death of several crew members and risked being jailed. He was able to discover several islands in the ocean but he was still filled with the urge to explore more. He refused to listen to his fellow crew members who wanted to sail back to Europe and persisted on discovering more islands. This created hostility and animosity from his fellow crew members who resorted to kill him instead. Christopher Columbus faced being jailed for causing death of several citizens during his adventure.

The movie shows how Columbus contracted a rare disease that caused several people to stay away from him. He lived in solitude despite the fact that he was nearing his death. His discoveries were not appreciated by the locals.

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