The Necklace- By: Guy de Maupassant

Loisel Mathilde is a beautiful woman but she does not like her lifestyle and feels completely disconnected. She is obsessed with expensive, beautiful and fancy things but; it is unfortunately that she is not from a wealthy family. Her husband works as a clerk and they live in shabby apartment that makes her weep all through.  Staying in the house all day weeping; she dreams of a day that she will eventually escape (Maupassant 2006).   As she visits her friend Forestier she becomes jealousy as a result of the idea of attending a party with her friend without expensive cloths. Mathilde is a jealous and raging girl capable of taking any initiative in order to turn from what she thinks of inadequate and inappropriate life.  She is invited to attend a party and she decides to borrow her friend a diamond necklace and afterwards she loses the necklace and subjected to repay the necklace within ten years.  The night she attends the party marks a difference in her life and her husband’s life since it costs her a chance for happiness in the future.

Loisel Monsieur is the husband to Mathilde and his behavior contracts Malthilde’s behavior in terms of contentment and acceptance. His wife does not make an easy way for him to understand her but; he ensures that he pleases her. When he arrives home and shows his wife the invitation to the party he wonders on his wife reactions.  Although he comes to understand that his wife cannot attend a party because she has nothing to wear, he decides to buy her a dress (Maupassant 2006).  His willingness and eagerness to please his wife eventually becomes one of the aspects that lead him to his downfall as a result of the lost necklace.  He is the main character who will go back to the cold street at night in order to look for the necklace. Even if he is supposed to go to work in few hours and still undressed he possesses the strategy of buying another necklace in order to replace the lost necklaces and tries to look for different ways to repay the necklace (Maupassant 2006).   The decision of replacing the necklace needs a lot of hard work within ten years but he does not imagine or complain of an alternate chance.  His behavior illustrate that he cannot account for anything to stand on his wife’s way and hence his desire do not offer a significant meaning. His desires are enhanced towards pleasing his wife and hence, sacrifice his desires when he gives his wife money to buy a dress. This is the same way he sacrifices his desires of happiness and eventually purchases the necklace. On the other hand, he does not expose his wife to danger he takes her irresponsibility and protects her and hence works hard to replace the necklace.

Madame Forestier Jeanne is a friend to Mathilde and she is very wealthy. She is very kind to her friend Mathilde but as a result of Mathilde’s jealousness because of her wealth she weeps hard.  When Mathilde is invited to a party she borrows Madame Forestier a diamond neck less and she kindly lends her, but she fails to inspect her necklace before lending (Maupassant 2006). She becomes horrified when she realized that Mathilde has replaced unoriginal necklace after wasting her life since the original neck less was not worth anything.


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