Briefly describe Google, its mission, and its business model.

Google, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Founded in 1998 by Sergey brin and Larry page. Google is an internet search engine technology provider, and has now grown into a large collection of product and services (google, 2005). Google initial support came from scientific community, in fact its initial success was due a mix of programming theory and network sociology. This method requires a highly complex mathematics and involves the integration of several classes of problems. And because of its novelty, Google qualifies as a genuine invention, which is why it interested scientific researchers and mathematicians. (Girard, 2005)

Google cofounders Larry page and Sergey brin have undeniable talent. They have self confidence and conviction of visionaries for whom making a fortune isn’t the main goal. Their desire is to change the world and is driven by a shared desire to improve internet searching. (Girard, 2009). The company’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Now there are a billion plus search queries everyday because everybody is a Google user (Vise and Malseed, M, 2005)

Google generate their revenue primarily by delivering relevant and cost effective online advertising, advertisers’ use AdWords program to promote their products and services with targeted advertising. There is thousands of third party web sites (web publishers) that comprise the googol network use Ad Sense program to deliver relevant advertisements that enhance their user experience and generate revenue (google, 2004). The “Google wave” is sweeping the globe and now it has become a threat to Microsoft. Google recorded strong results in the first quarter of 2006 whereby sales grew by 79% and earning rose by 60% from a year before, this indicates with no reasonable doubt that selling advertisement is Google’s wealth (Content, 2004)

Analyze the types of people that work at Google, with respect to the business culture of the organization. Indicate one to two (1-2) qualities that define a leader at Google, and determine the typical background of a Google employee.

Google works love their jobs at the Google inc., reason being they are fed excellently. Employees are entitled to free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in addition to this, coffee and juice bars are scattered throughout Google campuses (smith, 2013). Mountain View campus holds the largest number of them. The food served at the cafeterias has become deeply entwined with the company culture and identity. The search engine, which prides itself as an innovator in technology, takes the same approach with its food.  Google supports local farming, organic produce, hormone-free meats and healthful eating. (Goo, 2007)

The employees at Google are not a worrying lot; they are concerned only with their work. Google inc. has pampered them with an array of benefit perks that has ensured that workers remain a happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. Some former workers comment that free food and drinks were their favorite and most used perk at Google inc. (smith, 2013)

Leadership at Google inc. is very effective, Google has installed triumvirate as a top management, this comprises of a CEO who is also the Chairperson and the two founders (page and brin). In 2001, page and brin recruited Eric Schmidt in 2001 from Novell, Inc., by recruiting Schmidt, Page and Brin created a three-headed power sharing directorate. By all accounts and against conventional wisdom, this structure plays a critical and positive role. Its success is probably due in large part to the ability it gives to apply the brakes when success inflates the ego of any one of the leaders.

Google’s triumvirate structures also make reversing errors more quickly possible. Because triumvirate shares responsibility, when a triumvirate makes decision weather good or bad, the likelihood of one person taking the responsibility is significantly reduced

Secondly, a triumvirate leadership structure supplies multiple viewpoints, perspectives and expertise, which can help to reassure investors and customers that someone at the top of the of the company understand and shares their concern (Girard, 2009)

Identify two (2) examples of services or amenities that Google provides to its employees, interns, partners, and visitors. Next, examine two to three (2-3) ways in which such free services and amenities create an organizational culture that fosters creativity and innovation. .

Google inc. has provided its employee with many beneficial perks, the most cited perks of working at Google is food, employs are fed well. Working at googolplex, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge. Google has installed several cafes in various locations at the campus offering employees food at their pleasure and to their satisfaction. The food offered range from several cuisines while options range from vegetarian dishes to sushi to ethnic foods from around the world. (Strickland, 2015)

Secondly, Google offers day care facilities to its employees. It is rumored that Google day care facility sprung up in 2004. Then later Google ventured into a program with the Children’s Creative Learning Centers, Inc (CCLC), located at a school 2 miles always from the Googolplex which hosted this daycare service. Google named the day care program Kindersley; it oversees several day care programs and follows a play-based child care philosophy. Though this service wasn’t free, Google subsidized it so that most of its employees could take advantage of them. (Strict land, 2015)

Services and amenities available at Google have helped gougers develop a sense of imagination, whereby gougers have a feeling that they are living in the future. Google being one of the top technologies company in the globe, it’s obvious that its employees are at the forefront of technology, they get to use company services to get work done, (smith, 2013) Innovation is the most emphasizes culture at Google inc. since Google has some of the best and brightest IT specialists available to help other employees get their jobs done. Google has the Techs top, an in-house tech support, which provides gougers guidance with all hardware and software needs and solve problems (smith, 2013). Google ensure creativity by only recruiting the best, sits desire is to work with the best people in the technology industry, google recruitment  web pages abound with the mantras like “google seek to hire only the best”(Girard, 2009)

Discuss Google’s organizational culture, and determine whether or not you would prefer to work in this type of environment. Indicate whether or not Google’s company culture would help you to perform your tasks with a greater degree of creativity and innovation. Provide a rationale for your response

The prevailing culture at Google is that of recruiting the best people in the industry,(girard,2015), its organizational leadership is comprised of triumvirate leadership which enables proper decision making process and responsibility in terms of handling problem and also an easier decision making, a wrong decision made can be easily reversed.(girard,2009) The Google company also is surrounded by people who are smart and driven, who will provide the best environment for learning, this is through working with the best colleagues(smith, 2013)

Google culture will help me perform my wok best; their services and high-end technology will empower my prowess and excellence in duty. I will make sure that I learn from the best minds at the company, so as to boost my ability and motivate me to up my game.


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