The War on Terror

There still remains a problem on the best strategy which needs to be adopted by the United States government in its efforts to curb and counter violent radical Islam. The war on terror caused by the violent radical Islamic groups has become complex for the United States government.  Despite vows from different United States presidential candidates to fight terrorism, Islamic states remain a complex phenomenon in fighting terrorism in the world.  In order for war on terror there is need for the United States to do away with antagonism (Andrew, 11). Despite the United States forces venturing trillions of dollars in their war against terror they efforts have accomplished nothing as terrorism in the world continued to be the greatest soar. Over the years, the United States Government and forces have liberated the oppressed, promoted democracy, conducted nation building, succored the afflicted and eliminated the noxious but the war of terror has continued to a great threat to United States and the world at large.


The war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Libya is evidence that despite huge investment by the United States government towards its forces in fighting terrorism in these countries their efforts have drastically failed. Nevertheless, the wars between the terrorists and the American forces have made things worse than before. The fight has resulted into increased deaths of the civilians, destruction of the property and wastage of the United States public resources (Andrew, 14).  The mass media especially the newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street continues to criticize the ability of the America government and the forces to bring down terrorism in the Islamic nations. Based on the past readings of the past, the Americans had and still believe that through bombs, raids and more boots, the U.S military will one day manage the war in terror from the Islamic states. The united states military believes that as they continue with their actions of bombing and raiding the Islamic states which supports terrorism they will be in a better position to expect positive results. Given that there is no alternative to the war against terror the American government believes that the only choice that remains is to press on with the war. The military budget in United States is believed to account for about 54 percent ($598.5billion) of the country’s total budget. For the last thirteen years, United States military spending has increased to 114% and remains to be the highest security spending in the world.


The needs to promote agents of change, restore stability and self protect are three of the major reason which continue to motivate the United States government and the military to press on with the war against terror (Andrew, 12). As a matter of fact, terrorism poses an immediate danger to America economy and its people. Therefore, there is need to invest on the country’s security in an attempt to keep the country safe and secure.

It has become the responsibility of the united state government and the military to ensure that it restore stability to countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Israel because the turmoil in this country might be a disaster to America and the world. The American military forces always want to understand the interest that the Islamic states hold in common given the consistent turmoil which occurs every year.  The Islamic states have always remained antagonist to the leadership and martyrdom of the West countries that they are the super powers.  The American government campaign on educational and cultural exchange among the west and the Islamic states has been motive by the need of the American government to promote agents of change (Andrew, 17).  The antagonist nature of the Islamic states is the main reason as to why the war against terror will remain a threat to United States and the world. The author was successful in his discussion because he explained the reasons why the war on terror is unstoppable and the reasons for the Islamic states being antagonist to terrorism. The author convinced me in the war on terror perspective because he pointed out the reasons for American government engaging into war on terror forever.





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