Time to Get Tough on Tehran


This concerns the nuclear deal which signed by USA and other great powers countries with Iran, that is in July 2015. And in fact this deal  is somehow protecting Iran from making nuclear weapons. This signed deal it seems as a great agreement which is in records because it is protecting environment and human lives.

Even USA administration seems to be against making of nuclear weapons but it may be all vain because this administration itself does not know how to control these dangerous activities from Tehran. Many years passed USA government has not dealing with issues of nuclear which going on in Iran, because Iran is an Islamic republic. Here policy makers from USA have not succeeded even a single time to control making of nuclear in Iran since days of President Ronald Reagan, yet Iran since it is cross to USA,USA  should accept that Iran is dangerous country without anyone who can stop it. So that means  making of nuclear  weapons in  Iran will go on and on

In fact, even countries like Israel and Middle East have give out serious challenges which might occur through Tehran. So USA should be aware that if Islamic happens to join the soviet union, the peace between Washington and Tehran will end there and there. This may happen because always Iran policy has been existing together with jcpoa.

Iran is becoming strong because the agreement is it rights to have uranium and trade this to no maximum.  So these means Iran can make any nuclear for a research or for development. Again, these agreements gives Iran too much freedom without limits even by making ballistic missiles or a pillar of any nuclear weapon program.




Indications shows that after the agreements expires Iran will not be restricted from building any nuclear restoration as it needs, as much uranium as it wishes. JCPOA says that Iran as a nuclear states it may make a bomb which is called Iranian bomb. This is almost like an agreement which allows the Iran’s to go for more nuclear because of their competitors for power, for instance, Saudi Arabia is now and then trying to keep Russian before Iran. This is because it has announced uranium enrichment as part of its civilian nuclear. Though USA had agreed with this on the other hand is trying to provoke nuclear makers. Also USA government and its supporters is trying to make Iran to agree nuclear is not, but this has no any results.

Scientifics are on the frontline to motivate Tehran to build more nuclear weapons. Even Iran negotiators have admitted that Scientifics have been appreciating this program of building more and powerful nuclear. So, this gives Iran officials more power to defend their programs. Maybe Iran officials are not only doing this to defend their programs but also they are doing this to fulfill the scientific requirements. Even the JCPOA allows Iran to advance with programs of nuclear which will be installed in the eighth years of agreement but this one is like ending Iran powerless because timeline is limit. Though President Hassan Rouhani admit development of new centrifuges is running so fast, so Iran should builds small facility producing weapons. But once Iran will build weapons grade uranium, it will also be able to make ballistic missiles. This is why JCPOA says next USA President should look at it. Even other officials like secretary of state John Kerry have accepted that government should search ways to make this weak. And there is one way to do this. That USA official should make a law saying that when the signed deal will expire, united States and other five great powers that signed the deal and Iran, vote on whether to extend the agreement adding five years or not. And they should say that the vote should be casted after every five years. This will be like nuclear nonproliferation treaty.


USA should agree with Iran to bring out all uranium out of country forever. And because JCPOA said Iran’s spent fuel from its plutonium production will be closed, it should almost do the same to the uranium. And this will shorten its nuclear breakout . United states have to learn the ways of making Iran’s ballistic missiles   no to function at all. Even the whole world should keep on demanding that Iran should stop developments of missiles and nuclear. And by USA pressing for more Inspections as to Iran, it will ended up Iran to dismantled its nuclear and missiles like what South Africa did in 19


This will give international atomic energy agency more power because it will reflect this case to that of South Africa. But through US President it seems that JCPOA is not doing its work. So, USA does not seems to go for JCPOA for any assistance. UN security council is also trying to bring change. But some of the countries like Israel are opposing the deal. On the other hand, countries like Saudi Arabia are strongly supporting JCPOA, saying that it has agreat effort to please USA government. Country like France and Germany cant prove this. So, as an advice the next head of Washington should be ready to talk with Iran and also ready to stop it.

But apart from that USA government is against Islamic republic for its domestic abuse. Obama’s administration is in a need of nuclear deal but this is going on like indirect. The United States have behaviuor of talking against Iran. And this way Iran will not stop making missiles and nuclear.  But if US want Iran to change the way of making those nuclear it should stress Iran directly or at home. But this is not so easy because European countries are the ones who made JCPOA and they  are not stressing it to deal with Iran. So far, European may end its relationship with USA.




Its is hard for Iran to stop this but it should stop. Because even those nuclear of research and development it makes are not good. In fact, before Iran make this nuclear the careful inspections should be done by scientific to determine whether it can be harmful to the world. Also international atomic energy has always to be investigating Iran nuclear program because fear is living in people. So, however, Iran should be given regulations and restrictions While making nuclear. Those who  make nuclear should be more knowledgable about how the lives are meaningful. They should have limits of producing weapons. Scientific should not keep on entertaining building of nuclear weapons of Tehran. Iran’s officials should know how to keep educating generations about challenges which maybe brought by nuclear programs. For the Iranian administration it should be strong enough to put down Tehran projects but not supporting. Also, Iran administration should bring essential restriction on Tehran programs. It should do this like what it was done in South Africa in 1990

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