Social Movements and Technology

Information communication technologies have strongly affected the activism of social movements. These technologies include the use of the internet, social media, networking cites and other communication platforms. This technology is important in countries with limited freedom of assembly in several ways. To begin with this technology allows for networks with fewer barriers to entry. Previously the entry points were during meetings but with the new technology, signing an online petition opens up networks to many people who are all over the world and who could not have made it in the meetings.

The other importance of this technology is that it has enabled the creation of networks that are global in nature. Online organizations and meetings are not limited by geography. With access of the necessary platforms the members of the movement are able to share ideas as well as diversify those ideas from different corners of the world. The developing countries are adopting these forms of technology and the power of their networks is also improving.

On the other hand another importance of this improved technology on the power of networks is that it allows for networks with more decentralized power. Today anyone with a vision and has access to the internet has the power to create networks as well as launch campaigns. Focolare movement is a youth movement that I am in and is slowly adopting the use of technology in strengthening its networks and bringing together more youths from different regions in the world. To be a force for positive change in the world all that one needs is a vision and through the network platforms one can be able to air his/her opinions in that platform to bring some changes in the world or help in coming up with solutions of some problems.




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