American adults

Question 1

American adults of eighteen years of age and above of approximately 30 percent are believed to have obtained bachelor’s degrees.  It is however believed that men are the majority of these individuals with women expected to surpass their male counterparts in the near future.  This is according to the reports that were released by the Census Bureau in the year 2012. Whites constitute the largest proportion of the 30 percent of American adults that have attained bachelor’s degrees. The Latinos and the blacks however have not obtained bachelor’s degrees and the gap between them and the whites is still very wide. Most of the American adults holding the bachelor’s degrees have studied science and engineering compared to other fields of study. This constitutes 34.9 percent of bachelor’s degrees held by American adults.

Question 2

The chosen two Berkeley campuses in this assignment are NYC Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. I would like to start by stating the ZIP code of Brooklyn campus according to the government survey is 11217. The zip code for the NYC Midtown campus is stated as 10017. These ZIP codes are used by the Claritas Nielsen PRIZM to provide the public with the correct information concerning the consumer behavior of habitants of a given locality.

From the PRIMZ it is indicated that the majority of the people who live in the zip code 11217, Brooklyn, either stay as single individuals or two individuals in a single house. The majority of them also do not have children. Whites constitute the majority of the Brooklyn inhabitants. Majority of the population have an age bracket of 21-34 years. This indicates that the majority of the Brooklyn inhabitants is students and is supplied by the Berkeley campus situated in this particular place. It falls 04 of the Claritas lifestyle topologies.

According to Claritas PRIMZ, zip code 10017 is in New York City Manhattan and majority of the inhabitants fall under the age bracket of 21-34 years of age. Most of them stay as single individuals in their houses while majority are whites. They have low level of income and can be argued to be mostly students from NYC Midtown College for Berkeley. It is therefore important to conclude that place hosts 04 of the lifestyles topologies, Young Digerati.

Question 3

The population breakdown in the New York City

age 2010 2015
 0-4 527,354 536,810
5-9 508,693 508,003
10-14 537,532 516,532
15-19 599,903 559,104
20-24 634,1178 678,911
25-29 681,653 726,325
30-34 671,387 668,645

From the table above, you are able to identify that age group 20-24 years has increased in the year 2015 compared to the census of the year 2010. The same has applied for 25-29 years age bracket while the rest have a registered a decrease in the population. In the near-term future, Berkeley College is going to register an increased number of students in their institutions across New York City.

Question 4

Berkeley College has additional fact that is equally important. In as much as studies is given the first priority in Berkeley College. It has put a lot of emphasis on the extracurricular activities. These include trips to New York City Wall Street, museums and plays, sport teams, parties, dances and even student clubs. Students prefer Berkeley College as their choice because it trains them to become all round students.




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