An Analysis on Slavery


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on slavery. The article will primarily give a detailed analysis of the ways slaves in America operated.

Slavery, as we can get from the article, was immensely tied to the European colonies need for human labor especially in the agricultural plantation in their Caribbean sugar colonies that was operated by Great Britain, Spain, Dutch Republic and France. From the article, we come across different views from various dignitaries especially the reverences.

The article is all about Slave trade that took place in most of the parts of Europe continent. The article in broader perspective gives the notes and letters that were written by different individuals addressing how the slaves operated in their various areas of captivity. As we can get much of the letter that was written by brother Luis Brandaon to father Sandoval in the year 1610, much is spoken on the issue of slavery in that brother Luis Brandaon tries to give a perception that slavery is legal since they acquire them without scruple. In his letter, he further states that it is the negroes who also sells their captives, prisoners and even their subjects to the wealthy merchants for the exchange of valuable goods such as gold and even money.

As we progress with the reading, we get enlighten on how the slaves were treated by their masters and how they interacted throughout their lifetime in slavery. Richard Ligon, who is from the island of barbadoes, gives facts on what was taking place on the island in the 1675s. from his account, we find that the masters of this island were very critical of choices that put profit ahead but not taking into consideration the efforts that the slaves were setting for the profit to be realized. From his note much is understood on how the slaves interacted with their masters during those errors in the island.

Despite the hardship the slaves underwent, we find that they were allowed to solve their affairs in that they were permitted to marry and have children. As we can get much from the author is that they lived with their wives in the small partitioned rooms with boards as their beddings and nothing more or less was underneath or on top.

From the reading, we also come across individuals who found it not worth to have human beings as commodities and mishandle them as the Europeans did. Heinrich von Fuch in his notes on the treatment of the natives in northeast Siberia back in the 1744s. From his account, he was not on good terms with how their counterparts treated the natives. In his report he also showed how the local populations worked tirelessly through forced labor was relied upon by the government to undertake some of their activities that needed the human labor power.


As we can get from the discussion, we find different reactions towards the aspect of the slave trade in broader perspective. From the discussion we even find the reverences giving an upper hand to the aspect of slavery in that brother Luis Brandaon in his letter to Father Sandoval in 1610 tries to explain much on the legality of slave trade opposing others opinions on its illegality. Also, from the article, we also find different views differing with the issue of slave trade legitimacy.


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