The design argument for the existence of God

This argument focuses on giving facts that support the existence of the God that encompasses both religious and scientific approaches. Design argument postulates that in all the unique existence in the world, there must be an intelligent designer to all the existence. From St. Thomas Aquinas view, he makes reference to the scripture that says, the heavens acknowledge the glory of God while the sky shows God’s handiwork meaning there is an existence of a supreme being, God, and this is also confirmed in Koran.

In his Argument, David Hume says that that from an examination of the universe, one would see a great machine which is subdivided into parts to which are beyond human sense and ability. In addition, Huma says that the means to ends to all nature is beyond human compression hence the master of control to all this justified that God exist. Even though human beings are intelligent, but through nature, their abilities are limited and cannot create the havens, and another form of nature o their own. Design argument, therefore, supports the existence of God with such factual and reasonable argument.

Corresponding objections to the design argument

The contradiction that comes as a result of the design argument is at a point material universe analogy which postulates that material universe credit is given to men as opposed to the creator. He further argues that even if there are the architectural design of a house, the work itself is like a house hence; the material universe analogy does not hold much.

According to Hume, it is often said by many including scientist that any piece of work that human beings are unable to have a direct influence on and cannot contribute to their course, then that must have been inflicted by an intelligent being who is none other than God. In addition, he says that this theory fails because if the human beings cannot contribute to a course to any material, it only means they lack the experience to perform such as activity. This argument counteracts the argument brought forward by explaining the existence and course of the material universe whose credits for existence is only left to God.

The right argument between design and ontological arguments

In my opinion, the right argument is designed argument which tries to give evidence as well as facts about the existence of a more intelligent creator, God. This argument supports that since the works of nature possesses a functional complexity which means that in every existence there is an intelligent agent behind the design. Meaning that since the man had influence over the design of the universe and at no particular time can he do, and then it means that there is a more intelligent agent behind the makeup of the universe and all that takes place in it. The design, taking, for example, a human being, the ear, the breathing system and other body parts are for sure beyond the design of a human being. The doctors can only restore the health of an individual but cannot have the power to the end of a human beings’ life. From this, it can be realized that there is an intelligent agent, God that can take control of the end process of an individual as well as other animals and creatures.

On the other hand, ontological argument limits the understanding because it only depends on reason alone and no in-depth explanation of the existence of God. This is why design argument, in my opinion, supersedes the ontological design.

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