Challenges of a humble background

Coming from a humble background all I wanted is to continue with my undergraduate studies.  I have always excelled in my studies with me emerging at the top of my class. Getting the scholarship would mean much to me because it will mean the continuous of my schooling and finally getting into my dream job. When one is awarded with a scholarship, most of the time one has the opportunity to get into the college of their choice. This is because the college will recognize your efforts and merits and will not doubt when admitting you to the college. Having the prestigious Coolidge scholarship will be my first step to getting to the college that I have always dreamt of and finally open doors to my dream career.

The costs of education have continued to rise over the past few years. Students have had to look for jobs or apply for student loans to complete their education. Working part-time and going to school might be quite tricky. I want to maintain my grades for a chance of a better job in the years to come. Getting the Coolidge Scholarship will help me concentrate on my education fulltime without any distractions. Many students who combine work and school are likely to drop out because the pressure becomes too much. This will be an advantage because I will concentrate during classes and that will maintain my good grades. I will also utilize my free time expanding my knowledge on subjects like leadership and public policy. The free time can also be utilized in voluntary and internship opportunities thereby gaining experience on my future career.  The free training that is offered along with the scholarship will also help me become a better leader and gain more leadership skills that will help me during my career.

Applying for a student can be quite tricky because that later lays a burden when I am finally through with school. After my undergraduate studies, I want to start working immediately to help my family members. Having a loan to repay will be a disadvantage because repaying the money plus interest will be quite hard on me. I might fully realize the advantages of earning because of the accumulated college loans plus interest that need to be repaid. With the Coolidge scholarship, that covers my tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study I will not have to worry about any of the above scenarios.

Earning a prestigious scholarship will be an added advantage when it comes to the job search. Coolidge scholarship is quite prestigious. Most employers understand how competitive the scholarships can be and they recognize it as an accomplishment.  President Coolidge stood for every value I stand for most of the values that employees look for. Among these values are humility, leadership and public policy. Getting the Coolidge scholarship one must excel in academics and have leadership skills. This means that when it comes to looking for a job I will have an added advantage during the interviews. The scholarship also offers leadership training which will be an added advantage when added to my resume. Attending all the leadership trainings will help me sharpen my leadership skills and thus become a better leader in the future.

Being awarded with the scholarship will turn my life around for the better. It will mean a better person with leadership skills. It will prepare me for my future career widening my chances for landing a job.

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