Change by design chapter 1&2



The article is a thought paper that will base its discussion on change by design. The reading is based on chapter one titled “getting under your skin, or how design thinking is about more than style” and chapter two titled “Converting need into demand or putting people first”.

From the first chapter, we come across Shimano, which is one of the leading bicycle components manufacturers in Japan. The chapter in broader perspective gives much about the status of the company as dated in the year 2004 when the company was experiencing flattening growth in its mountain bike segments in the United States of America. Even though the company invested heavily in new technology in their production, the competition was very stiff that led to their merge with the IDEO.

The two combination that was between Shimano and IDEO to greater extent resulted in their efforts to explore the changing terrain of the cycling market. At their initial phase of joint venturing, we get to understand that they organized themselves into teams or rather groups such as a team of designers, marketers, engineers and behavioral scientists. These teams specifically had the task of identifying constraints that might hinder the project in progress.

Lastly from the first chapter we get that the joint ventured companies that are Shimano and IDEO did much research on why approximately 90% of the American citizens do not ride bicycles and from their exploration they articulated some specific reasons such as some roads are not designed for cyclists amongst the other reason. From their research, the joint company came up with a concrete solution such as the coasting bikes which were used previously by making more modification. Hence, from the efforts of the two merged companies much on getting under your skin prevails all through as anticipated by the author.

Chapter two of the article titled “Converting need into demand or putting people first” refers us back to research for a project on office telephone system some several years ago. From the research, in an interview with a travel agent, it was found that the agent had a problem with the Telephone system in her company in that she called each party on a separate Telephone and arrayed each receiver around her working desk.

From the chapter, we also come across the aspect of insight where individuals learn from the lives of other. As we can see from the chapter that insight stands out as the primary source of design thinking in that for a designer to get the facts from what he or she sees from the human activities. The other aspect that is of more importance in the chapter is observation which involves listening to what people do not say and watch what they do not do. The other aspect that articulates in the article which is of more importance is empathy which involves standing in the shoes of other individuals.

  • From the reading of both chapters especially the first chapter, one gets to understand in broader perspective how important is merging of the companies? From the aspect of merging companies, we get that both brings up their strengths and weaknesses together and come up with inspirational ideas from shareholders or rather stakeholders from either side.
  • How the readings teach as about design? Referring to the readings in chapter one and two, the aspect of design has been discussed in a broader perspective in that design entails some issues that an individual as a designer need to take into account. These issues are such as observation which incorporates listening to what people do not say and watching what people do not do. As a designer, it is also critical to take into account the aspect of insight which refers to learning from the lives of others.


From the discussion, we get that the two chapters give details on the aspect of being a designer. From both chapters, we get to understand much on what the designer needs to take into account such as insights which involve learning from others. The other aspect that articulates from the readings is observation.  Lastly, the first chapter brings in the importance of merging two or more companies in that in most cases perfects the performance of the respective merged companies as we can see from the case of IDEO and Shimano.




















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