The threat of intrusions in to company sites have doubled over the past year. Companies are hence operating in a highly insecure era when the security of the company information is detrimental to the growth and profitability of the entity.  The techno modern business dispensation has brought in the important aspect of technology in business that has increased the volatility of companies (Scarbrough, 2014). CISCO security measures have proven to offer reliable security services. Notorious hackers and malicious software developer have upgraded their perimeter intrusion methods and hence sanctioning improved Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).  These characters have even developed   malwares and cyberware that can compromise IPS and IDS security measures (Scarbroguh, 2014). The internet literally connect computers across the globe in a heterogonous map hence ant computer can be remotely accessed via the internet.

Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) is the perfect security management system to secure your organization against intruders while at the same time maximize the use of secure internet use. SIO is a real time security manning approach that vets the security threat of literally every information in circulation across the globe (Sajjadi, 2011). If the information is dangerous, then this system will automatically block and send a signal of a possible harmful intrusion to your system. The real time security check means that all the information in circulation is securely signed and passed to the relevant computer without leakage to the rouge part of technology. SIO like all other CISCO products is built on a purely coding technology therefore it is hard to technologically translate the coding language if the command is not intended for the specific computer. SIO is the perfect security solution in this era (Bhaiji, 2008).




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