Communication: Advocacy


I am a student who loves interacting and sharing with friends. Conversations are always interesting when we have discussions about various topics and there are two or more conflicting views to the same topic. At this point, people takes sides and those with the strongest arguments carry the day. I love to express my views in these arguments, giving little time to listen to friends, something I ought to improve on. I have previous worked for a human rights group on a voluntary basis and my main role was to go out and record various human right violation grievances that the public had. My hobbies include debating and writing articles on a wide array of topics, some of which I send around to newspapers editors and wait eagerly to see them published on the dailies. I dream of becoming a human rights activist one day. This has been fueled by the debates we have with friends and even the past work experiences. This course interests me because it deals with all that I love doing, communication. I do communicate through debates, writing and even interaction with people that give me the ideas that I do put on paper. It is my hope that upon the completion of this course, I will be able to live up to my dreams of being an adept and competent human rights activists able to communicate and articulate ideas effectively.

Definition of advocacy

I can best define advocacy as an undertaking by a group or an individual aiming to manipulate decisions within a system or an institution. Giving examples; there are advocates in the justice system who try to help litigants argue their cases on a balance of probabilities so as to help earn a favourable ruling from the jury. In the political world, in the economic world, major economic players do engage with regulatory and tax authorities in advocacy so as to get terms that are more favourable to their conducting of business. Non-governmental organisations also do engage in advocacy with governments of host nations in bid to promote their course for example in championing for human rights, seeking to provide aid for maligned groups in various societies and so on.

I have been involved in an advocacy project before and this traces back to my voluntary work experience on human rights protection. In this project, two teams each consisting of three individuals were formed to research on the best ways of safeguarding the human rights of women and children in war stricken areas. We were supposed to present our findings and argue them out in a meeting to be held in two weeks’ time. We carried out our research work well and upon the oral presentation of the findings; seventy percent of the point we had were taken in and we were awarded as a team for the good work we did.

Political science

Is the European world key to civilization in third world countries of Latin America and Africa?

The aspirations, symbols and practices of a nation are key in defining a reimagined political order, is this complete without taking into account the role of their former colonial masters?

Has the volumes of autobiographies published in Canada since the 1970s been a mean of tackling historical injustices and discrimination previously witnessed in the country?


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