Configuring and Maintaining DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) in this particular case has greater administrative merits of the static IP. Since the company has recorded a positive growth hardware and client data; there is need to adopt an automated  IP networking  structure to aid in  efficiency hand handling of the  huge volumes of data with utmost  precision (Hashimoto, 2013).  As an administrator using a DHCP networking topography, there is centrally designate IP control.

This protocol model therefore eliminates the hectic work of setting independent IP addresses for every machine following a manual networking style. DHCP model indicates an exclusive of maps and reservations joining the machines in the company/ this means that the DHCP administrator has the  real time  management of all active IPs and can easily control these  machines from a central point (Hashimoto, 2013).  . In the modern day world, real time management of the company infrastructure leads to delivery of value-based services to all clients hence ensuring loyalty of the clientele populace.

Maintenance of the machines under DHCP topography is easily executable.  Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is the highly preferred way of keeping a company’s database. In the event that the WINS database is corrupted for some reason; the maintenance personnel in a DHCP topography will centrally root the “ipconfig/renew command from the MS-DOS prompt from the control point (Hashimoto, 2013).  . This command will automatically assign all machine new reregister with the primary WIN server hence saving the company time as well as solving any inconvenience to the end user timely. DCHP is basically an upgrade of IP structure in the quest to enable machine to reregister their IP address automatically under central watch of the DCHP administrator. DCHP will therefore equip an entity with much more reliable Internet Protocol system and hence improve the management of the company activities in an efficient and value-based criterion.



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