Data Analysis

Data Analysis


In a nutshell, data analysis can be described as part of a crucial process of assessing data through the use of research and rational understanding in order to evaluate each element of the data provided. This procedure of data analysis is however, a single step of the numerous steps that must be accomplished when undertaking a research trial (Johnson, 2007). During the process of data analysis, information from different sources is collected, studied, and then evaluated to come up with a kind of outcome or conclusion (Johnson, 2007). There are a multiplicity of particular data analysis techniques, some of which comprise data formations, text analysis data mining and business intelligence (Johnson, 2007). The process of data analysis can also be defined as a way of methodically using statistical or logical methods to define and exemplify, summarize and assess data especially in the field of nursing.

Data analysis methods

There are various data analysis methods that can be used in the field of nursing such as,

  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Quantitative data analysis

A needs assessment survey is a crucial step in ensuring planning (Guy, 2008). A plan is generally centered on the needs of an organization and the activities necessary to meet these needs.

Indicate how you plan to analyze and present findings from your needs assessment survey

After conducting a quantitative needs assessment, information that will be gathered by use of a questionnaire or through the use of outcomes from a pre-test, will be displayed by an excel spreadsheet. Additionally, drawing a bar graph, a pie chart or through the use of graphic organizers may also present a clear picture of the needs assessment outcomes.

A qualitative needs assessment survey will comprise of data that will be collected by use of focus groups, interviews or observations. The data will be more clear and helpful by:

  • Summarizing the information by marking ideas with a symbol or number.
  • Creating categories.
  • Forming visual or graphics in order to reveal any link among the categories.


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