Educational leadership initiative

Last year, the Common Core State Standards, an initiative that is put in place to improve the students’ performance by simply standardizing the course work taught in schools across the United States, contracted me to perform a teachers training program across the U.S.  Having successfully undergone training program with the organization, I was able to communicate effectively the vision of the organization to the teachers in the training as the teachers training head. This leadership skill aims to convince the trainees on the need to think in a particular direction to achieve an objective. Besides, I was able to improve the motivation of the teachers that attended the program by inspiring them to take their work as a calling that needed more attention.

It is well understood that as a leader one should be able to motive those who are under them. Therefore, as a leader in the program, I was also able to develop the trainees in their career life and help in solving some of the tough decisions that arose during the training sessions.  Consequently, there were also some lessons to be learned during the program’s sessions. Such included how to handle people with a different temperament, understanding peoples’ ability to absorb what is taught since the degree of absorption varied from one person to another, and finally observing the concentration of an audience while delivering speeches.

During the sessions, it was observed that the teachers were able to adhere to the new tips of students’ standard training through an evaluation test that was provided. However, there were problems in the physical implementation of this program observed by oral interviews and practices offered by the organization. Therefore, to sought the problem I had to organize further practical training to achieve effectiveness. Finally, the success of the program was measured by students’ evaluation across the country after the first month of training of the teachers. It was observed that a standard had been met in most schools that implied its success.

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