Discoveries that rages from scientific, political, environmental among others, give new meanings to the world, the readers as well as the area of study to which discoveries are done. In this article, the study emphasizes a theme of enlightenment that occurred in the fourteenth century and the subject of discussion that brings the enlightment is the “renaissance”. The article defines renaissance as the rebirth. This paper therefore a response paper that seeks to dwell on enlightment as far as the article on renaissance is concerned.

In my opinion, renaissance period was a period of enlightment because not only did the scholar’s look at the happenings in their surroundings but also brought new meaning to the research on certain thorny issue. An example as recorded by the article is the ideas postulated by one Copernicus who through insightful study brought a new angle of reason to say that indeed the sun is the center of the planetary system as opposed to the earth between the years 1473 to 1543. Up to date his ideas are still respected in science and it has been confirmed by scientist that indeed the sun is at the middle of the solar system. The generations after this discovery therefore has embraced the ideas as well as practice it due to its preciseness in reasoning.

Similarly, I loud this rebirth of ideas because where it for this study, we the readers could still be in the dark to think that the earth is bigger than the sun. in real sense the sun is bigger than the earth, thanks to scholarly discoveries made by Copernicus. Additionally, it is indeed right that the thinks of this age was ushering in the modern age due to their insightful reasoning and research which we boast of today.

I see that during this rebirth, various changes were taking place and politics was not an exemption as well as religion. An example is the religious changes made by Martin Luther, who broke away from the original church. History records that Roman catholic was the ancient church that was common throughout the middle ages but Luther thought to himself that some doctrines of the church are meaningless hence braking away to start a Protestant church away from the Roman Catholic Church.

As much as change is good for any environment that requires one but in my opinion, the Changes made by Martin Luther were not worth it and it was the cause of today’s religious wars. Other Christians may regard other Christians who do not belong to the same faith, as enemies hence the much struggle for religious supremacy. This religious division has also led to much confusion of the current generation including the youth. This is because many people whenever they feel uncomfortable in a given church, they simply move and begin a new church elsewhere leading to more confusion and insincerity in true worship of the Creator.

Consequently, this enlightenment is worth it for the sake of history. It has brought to light the happenings of the middle ages as well the changes that took place in religion, science and history. The historians therefore learn the transition that took place within the rebirth period to make a logical conclusion. Therefore, this is a real and worthwhile enlightenment of its kind.

In conclusion, rebirth period embraced significant changes as far as humanity is concerned. It notes the transition in history of human beings as a diverse creature with unique abilities. The unique skills enabled scholars like Copernicus to contribute to science in the field of astronomy.



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