Human services in a community vary from one community to the other. Such services may range from health, sanitation, food to shelter among others in a given community. Therefore, the less fortunate in the community have to be given a helping hand by various nonprofit generation organization across the globe to ease their difficulties and adversities of various nature. This essay, therefore, seeks to conduct an interview with two leaders in two different faith communities in clarifying the challenges as well as opportunities of providing human services to the communities in need.

A brief biography of Sister Donna Markham

Sister Donna Markham is an American, who was born in Illinois that is north of Chicago. She spent much of her time in Michigan and Ontario as a young lady, after which attended Toronto University for her first college degree. Sister Donna Markham also attended the university of Detroit from where she obtained a doctorate in clinical psychology. In addition, Sister Donna Markham is Dominican Sisters of Adrian located in Michigan. Since the history of Catholic Charities, Sister Donna Markham becomes the first female president of the organization.

Personal issues

From the Sister, when asked about the personal challenges she quoted the bulk of the work as a charitable organization. The organization helps the needy across the world in at one point or another. Therefore, different people seek help from the group ranging from financial, food to shelter among other. This makes the work to attend to personal issues of the needy across the world difficult.

As an opportunity, Sister Donna said her capacity as a religious sister was helping her know how to reach out and interact with victims in time of crisis in a community. She has the world for everyone who needy her help and this she prides herself to have touched many lives of the needy across the world.

Organization structure

The Christian Charity organization had a structural issue of the number of community service workers for the group. The number of needy people in across the United States is increasing as well across the world, therefore, a major challenge to meet their communal needs such as giving food to the poor, supporting families in financial issues and giving advice.

An opportunity they have as an organization according to sister Donna is the communication system that has been foster and developed across the world. Through good communication structure, the organization can keep in touch with local leaders in meeting educational and environmental issues of the needy in various communities in US and other parts of the country.

Management issues

A major challenge according to Sister Donna is the corruption that is slowly creeping into the organization, some leaders in local areas that represent the organization take advantage of the organization and work to their advantage. This they do by misappropriation of funds that should be used to improve the lives of the poor in the community is occasionally misused by leaders.

An opportunity the organization has according to Sister Donna is that most of the leader that are selected from the lowest rank passes through thorough check hence leaders with integrity are elected to make good use of funds as per the mission of the organization.

Funding issues

Sister Dona identifies financial issues as the major challenge to the organization as she adds that most of the community services require funding and without that, most of the organizational activities will be crippled.

The well-wishers to the organization are the major source of opportunity in the case of funding for the organization. The various projects that have been initiated by the community also help fund the organization


Sister Donna should open up more branches across the world so that more poor people from other parts of the world can also benefit

The organization should launch up a procedure for helping the poor and the poor once uplifted they also help others in the community.

Finally, Sister Dona as the head should make sure that it is entirely the poor to benefit from the funding and not rich individual as leaders who may misappropriate funds.

Second interview response

Brief of Khalil Demitri is the current executive director of Zakat which is an American-based foundation located in Chicago. It is a Muslim non-profit organization that reached out to the poor across the world as a form of community service. He was born and raised by unschooled parents in Turkey. After his degree in Sociology in Switzerland and by 2001, he founded the ZF which has helped meet the needs of many poor women

Khalil Demitri

Leadership issues

When asked about personal issues on the challenges and opportunities of providing human services, Khalil Demitri stereotypes as the major personal issue. To this, he said that since the inversion of terrorism activities in the United States, and most of the attackers were identified as Muslims, so it becomes difficult to walk around helping the poor in the community.

On the other hand, an opportunity he had as a personal issue in reaching out to the needy in the community is that he was well conversant with the teachings of the Holy Quran as well as conversant with six languages. This is the weapon he used to train young people in the community as one of community service he carious out in deeper parts of Michigan State. Having good command in Quran made people respect his teachings to be of help to one another hence the community members worked together to meet their religious goals.

Organization issues

Khalil Demitri reported that the major organizational issue was that there were few community service workers hence making it possible to reach out to larger numbers of people in the community. Down at Michigan, some poor individuals needed a cleaner water to structure to be put up.

With good communication, Khalil Demitri reports that they have an opportunity in reaching for may widows across the world. He often travels to areas of shortages to meet the communal needs of the victims.

Management issues.

As reported by Khalil Demitri, the organization faces a challenge of self-motivated leaders hence making decisions become difficult as some of the leaders in other countries were the organization has a branch may be slow in undertaking the mandates.

As an opportunity, the organization has put in place checks and balances to the leaders as they are kept on redder to make sure they accomplish the goals of the organization. Appointing of leaders with integrity has also helped in reaching out to the poor.

Financial issues

Khalil Demitri revealed that the organization has a shortage of financial support making it difficult for the organizations to reach out to the needy people across the globe.

An opportunity the organization has is that of donation of well-wishers across the globe as a result of the good work the organization is doing of touching people’s hearts.


The organization should open up more projects to fund the community of the needy in various parts of the world

In addition, the organization should educate more people in the community to be self-sufficient as well as help others too.

The leadership of the organization should be given to a flexible and hardworking individual with poor people at heart hence more transparency in handling the finical issues of the organization.




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