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The film, “Memory of Forgotten War” shows the costs that human beings incur in case the there are conflicts within the military or the soldiers. The films convey the Korean war that took place between 1950-1953. The survivors were forced to separate with their families for many years through which the fight was going on. Immediately after the guns were silenced, they had the opportunity to go back and reunite wth their families and relatives.

The limitations of this film are that it brings to life the historical, political and social events that led to the emergence of the wars. The results are that it reminds the current generations of the rivalry that existed many years ago. However, it has helped the film production industry and the United Sates military capitalize on improving the status of their people. The aftermath of the war as also been used as a source of various moral lessons to educate the youths of how to control and avoid such conflicts in future.

Koryo Saram documentary film of Korean origin, commonly known as, “The Unreliable People”. The documentary film is about Josef Stalin’s operations to achieve his goal of ethnic cleansing which included an enormous number of people. Through this cleansing exercise, Josef Stalin’s forcefully deported people who belonged to the Korean origin from East Russia and took them to Central Asia.

The film shows the untold history about the Koryo Saram; this was Korean phrase used to refer to those people of the Korean origin. Josef Stalin used to call them, ‘The Unreliable People” The strength or advantage of this film is that it brings together the never known historical events and individual emotional experiences of the Koryo Sarma. The film pins together the lost history that could be forgotten through the Stalin’s mandate. He was out to ensure that Korean culture, traditions and language was completely eradicated. The film helped to save the Korean history and way of life, it a message of hope and strength especially to Koreans.







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