Leadership Experience

Experience is an excellent teacher when it comes to leadership. People have different styles of leadership and the effectiveness of these leadership styles vary from individual to individual depending on how they are carried out.  My personal best leadership experience occurred two years ago when I was appointed to be the dean of studies in a neighboring high school. My role as the dean of studies was to monitor both the students and the teachers to ensure that the learning process went on well. Some of the things I practiced as a leader during that time made me succeed in my leadership career. To begin with I developed the culture of hard work and I ensured that I played all my roles in time and in the best way I could. Through this my juniors who were the teachers and students emulated that culture of hard work in their operations.

On the other hand I was a team player which means I tried in the best way I could to work in coordination with all the stakeholders involved. From the students I worked with students’ leaders and from the teachers’ side I worked with the heads of departments and this ensured that all stakeholders were well represented. My form of leadership was a democratic form of leadership where I used to collect opinions from all the stakeholders involved and together we could come up with ideas and conclusions. I would describe this experience as an inspirational experience through which I succeeded in my leadership career. From the experience I learnt that leadership is not about being served by people it is about serving the people. My dedication as a leader is what made my leadership experience the best.

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