Linguistic Terrorism


Chicanas who use Chicano Spanish have followed the belief that those who do not speak their language are poor in Spanish. Spanish language has different linguistic formats and people divide themselves based on the language differences. On the other hand despite the fact that the Chicanas criticize the other Spanish languages they feel uncomfortable talking in Spanish to Latinas and they are afraid of the criticism they might receive from the Latinas. Spanish happened to be the first language to be taught in school, heard on the radio and television and also read in the newspaper. As time progress especially in the U.S, where high school and colleges are encouraged to take French classes, English and French will be the mother tongue language for most Chicanos and Latinos.

On the other hand Mexicans believe that being a Mexican has nothing to do with the country one lives in. They believe that being a Mexican is a state of the soul and not of mind or citizenship. The Mexicans call themselves Spanish when they are referring to themselves as a linguistic group and when copping out. They also call themselves Hispanic or Latin American when linking themselves to the Spanish speaking people of the Western hemisphere. They also call themselves Mexican American when they want to signify that they are neither Mexican nor Americans. When there is no copping out they refer to themselves as Mexicans basing the name on their race and ancestry. Some of the things that the Mexicans are proud of is the fact that they know how to survive among other races and as compared to other races who have given up their tongue, Mexicans still uphold theirs.

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