Exercise Experience


Generally, exercises can be grouped into three categories dependent on the general outcome on the human body:

  • Aerobic exercises, for instance, walking, running, biking and mountaineering normally concentrate on accumulating the cardiovascular endurance.
  • Anaerobic exercises, for instance, weight lifting, accumulate the short-term muscle power.
  • Flexibility exercises for example, stretching develop the range of movement of both the joints and the muscles.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic or a cardiovascular exercise, a name accredited to this type of exercise mainly because of its numerous advantages in cardiovascular health alludes to exercises that comprise or improve the oxygen intake by the body. Aerobic is a term which means ‘with oxygen’, and alludes to the usage of oxygen in the body’s metabolic producing process. Numerous kinds of exercises can be categorized as aerobic, and by classification they are done at moderate levels of extremity for prolonged periods of time. In summary, aerobic exercises are done at a low to moderate level of energy over an extended period of time. For instance, running a lengthy distance at a moderate pace is a form of aerobic exercise. Playing tennis, in a continuous motion can be considered to be an aerobic activity.



Advantages of doing aerobic exercise

  1. Stronger heart

Doing aerobic exercises strengthens and enlarges the heart, to develop its pumping effectiveness and decrease the relaxing heart rate.

  1. Improved muscle health

Aerobic exercise triggers the development of small blood vessels referred to as capillaries in muscles. This aids the body to capably supply oxygen to the muscles and can also improve the general circulation and decrease blood pressure and get rid of metabolic waste products for instance, syrupy organic acid from the muscles.

Disadvantages of aerobic exercise

  1. For example, if an individual is old and has a little exercise experience and he or she leads a mostly non engaging physical activity lifestyle, partaking in a lively aerobic program can take a toll on a person’s abilities and increase the chances of getting an injury.
  2. Aerobic exercise can proof to be damaging especially if a person has shown signs of chest discomfort within the past few days.



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