Modern Marvels: Impacts of Engineering


The GPS enabled devices

Previously it was hard to track the where about of the organization employees, find location direction and track the vehicles once stolen by the robbers. The discovery of the GPS tracking devices was an achievement of the decade especially in the field of the national and public security. The GPS signals and devices were originally established by the department of defense in order to provide location and timely data to the military but later released to the public (Sharon, 28). Later, the GPS was incorporated in other devices such as the mobile devices to assist the general public access information in regard to the market such as: the nearest petrol station, supermarket and the right direction of a destination. The invention has transformed life by providing security, making it easier to locate a location and avoiding life mishaps such of vehicle refueling. The technology was invented to respond to security matters and make business operations effective and efficient. The society has developed alongside the technology as they have continued to embed the invention in various devices to assists the make life easier. The invention of GPS has been of great assistance to the people in New York city which is my home region because they have been to avoid shortages, save time while shopping and efficiently directs others to different business locations within the city.

The social networking revolution

Social media networks such as: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Friendster were social media networks which were unheard in the previous decade. Thanks to the invention of the different social media networks in the universe because they have expanded the field of communication and business. Millions of people around the world are current using the social media networks to communicate with their friends in different locations at an affordable cost. In addition, the social media has enabled the user to be entertained through different game and sharing of jokes (Sharon, 28). In case of need of mobilization, the social media has made it easier for people to mobilize within the appropriate time and this has solved the problems of information sharing. The social media networks were invented to respond to the communication bureaucracies which were being experienced in the social and economic sector (Subbaraman). The social media networks have impacted the communication and information sharing sector as they have become reliable, secure, safe, affordable and accessible. The society has developed alongside the social media networks expand as has come to understand the need for responsible information sharing and the right channels of communication. The social media networks have had a great impact on New York city which is basically my home region because people have managed to establish friendship, gather easily, share business ideals and take legal measures to those individuals misusing the social media sites.

WI-FI technology invention

The invention of the WI-FI has helped the society to be mobile even though they might be located in one location. The WI-FI is a wireless network which enables the society in the university to share information and ideas (Sarah, 11). The sharing of information through the use of the WI-FI has become efficient and effective for anybody in possession of a Smartphone.  The invention has basically transformed the communication world because individuals and business world is in position to track new business opportunities while they are still located in their home premises. Everybody around the globe demand connectivity which has been made accessible and affordable through the discovery of the WI-FI wireless network. The WI-FI wireless network has been a great achievement to the people of New York City that is my home region because they have managed to locate business opportunities and customers through their mobile devices.

Electronic meld brain, body and machine invention

Electronic meld brain, body and machine invention was the greatest achievement in decade between 2000 and 2010. The invention enabled the scientific researchers to send brain signal through the internet and controlled the hands of a colleague who was sitting in Seattle Campus in the University of Washington. The success of using the Rhesus monkeys in the laboratory to move their aims through the virtue screen was a great achievement for the researcher (Sarah, 11). The scientific researchers used this invention to solve the problem of paralyzed human beings where they used the exoskeleton to move the paralyzed patients’ biological limbs. The discovery enabled the scientists to surgically implant electrodes in the brain of the paralyzed patients in order to enable them control their limbs and function normally. The scientists believed that a paralyzed person with a prototype exoskeleton neutrally controlled would enable these people to maneuver with life with ease. The invention has been of great importance to the paralyzed group of people in the society because they have been assisted to control their limbs normally (Robert).

In compared to the past where the paralyzed individuals would be regarded to be immobile and burden to the society, the invention has been of great assistance to the paralyzed because through the exoskeleton neutrally controlled electrodes these people are in position to life their normal life (Mildred).  The society and the medical practitioners have been necessitated to ensure to respect social justice and human rights for the paralyzed patients. The Electronic meld brain, body and machine technology was invented to solve the health related problems.  The discovery of the new technology has solved the problems of increased cost of taking care of the paralyzed as they can now perform some of the minor duties.


The discovery of the GPS enabled devices, social media networks, WI-FI and Electronic meld brain, body and machine invention are some of the major inventions and discoveries which occurred between 2000 and 2010. The four kinds of inventions have transformed the way of communication, doing business, health related aspects and legal matters. The invention is of great importance to the society and the world in general.


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