My Favorite Teacher



Schools are for learning. Good communication between teachers and students results in good grades. Since admission in my school, our class was assigned different teachers according to various subjects in the timetable. Among all those teachers, my favorite teacher is Miss Bartolomei. She is our language Arts teacher. She has various attributes that differentiates her from other teachers such as a big heart to accommodate each student in the best way possible. She has strong will for every student to excel in languages from a quick learner to a slow learner in class. In addition, she always spends extra time with students who seem to slowly understand during lessons. She is always crazy about reading. She advises us to borrow books from the library and read while making notes. Later on, she asks us for those notes to make sure that each student has learnt a book within the week.

She is so encouraging in that she always promises us that we will all go to college. Moreover, she never discriminates any student. Her language makes us put extra effort in our studies to avoid missing any part of her lesson. Her lessons are full of entertainment and fun, which keeps us attentive in class. In addition, she always stresses that each student should try her best as the teacher also aims at finishing the syllabus. She tells us that a book is a good vitamin for our brain. She adds that what we get into our brain is always what we will receive from it. She uses the computer slogan ‘garbage in garbage out”. She is always very hardworking and busy reading a book when not busy teaching. To conclude she advises that the best reading area is one which is quiet without disturbance.

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