Plagiarism is act of taking another person’s work in terms of their language and ideas then claiming it to be your own without acknowledging the sources (Angélil-Carter, 2014). Plagiarism occurs in many ways some unnoticed, placing out ideas in the same order and format as the original research source, inattentively and inappropriately citing words and ideas from another source together with presenting your own research without mentioning the references are considered plagiarism (Angélil-Carter, 2014). The essay, therefore, will base its discussion on plagiarism by explicitly giving details on how students involves themselves in the act of plagiarism.

Most students are involved in plagiarism by simply not knowing how to put out ideas in their own words as well fearing for failure or even taking risks for their own work. Poor time management and thereby failing to plan for their activities and allocating time for their research based writing invites the learners to plagiarism as they see no time for their own work. Plagiarism at times occur in an effort by the learners to impress their teachers and parents by scoring better marks and this makes them vulnerable to plagiarism as they will see it to a shortcut of better performance (Angélil-Carter, 2014).


Preventing plagiarism starts by creating an awareness programme of its existence by explaining its concepts, collaboration, copyright and intellectual property. During classes those who practice plagiarism can be considered as immoral and unethical. The connection between faculty and learners is based on belief and trust and therefore the learners should understand values of academic honesty and also identify the responsibilities of being a developing member of the community. Severe consequences should be attached and punishments administered to those who are caught as it would lure other learners from it (Angélil-Carter, 2014)

In conclusion plagiarism should hardly be fought and learners should take pride in their own work as its occurrence prevents artists and authors who work very hard for the original work from receiving their deserved credits.




Angélil-Carter, S. (2014). Stolen language?: Plagiarism in writing. Routledge.

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