Plastic Water Bottle Harming the Environment’ and the suitable alternatives

Without the inclusion of the trivial issues of bottled water performance as indicated in 2008 reports by the International Bottled water Association, it remains a primary product in the industry (Rowdan 2009, 12). Bottled water is one of the products ranked the largest beverage in the world and the fastest growing beverage. A decline has indicated in other soft drinks as a result of customer preferences on Bottled water that occurred in 2000 (Rowdan 2009, 12). In Italy, the consumption of bottled water has increased significantly over the years, and the growth of bottled companies has marked significant economic impact especially on beverages turnover, retail marketing and logistics organizations.

But provided with the effects of plastic bottled water on the environment it is important to consider important initiatives that will reduce such impacts to the environment and enhance eco-friendly.

Water Kiosks are a powerful approach that can assist in reducing some of the environmental pollution caused by plastic water bottles. It is a fact that water kiosks will enhance better environmental protection measures than plastic bottles in a way that the products used in the water kiosks reused, refilled and recyclable (Torrenta 2013, 6). Water kiosks apply three themes of reusing, refilling and recycling which are significant components that lead to creating a friendly ecosystem.

At Chat-stone, our cultural vision is to reduce the common usage of plastic water bottles and waste developed by this type of products by developing a convenient and eco-friendly product (steel water bottle) (Chatstone 2009, 4). The company embraces its social venture by committing to perception and motivation of the values that promise the aspects geared to enhancing effective environmental conditions.



Therefore, the development of the steel water bottles will improve the reduction of environmental pollution that has tremendously increased over the last decades. Additionally, stainless is steel is recyclable a factor not observed by plastic water bottles. Stainless still water materials can be recycled and all the components reused and separated. It is not a waste product.

Our marketing intervention includes changing the customer’s preferences to more suitable preferences that will lead to satisfaction of the customers while undertaking their routine activities, reducing the environmental pollution caused by plastic bottles by promoting, reusable refill and recycle aspects that enhance to customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Therefore, in our new social marketing intervention, the targeted audience includes offering products to different events and festivals for instance markets events, festival events and music events. For example in Ekka show located in Royal Queensland attracts more than four hundred thousand individuals with excessive consumption of bottled water and complaints of its cost Chat stone PTY 2009, 4). The placement of water kiosks and stainless steel will enhance to lower cost and provide a significant advantage to the company. On the other hand, installation of water kiosks and selling of steel water bottles in the different institution will also be an added benefit since in such places; there is high consumption of bottled water.

Through our targeted audience we will be in position understand the measures our customers can undertake to enhance economic, environmental conditions and how our product will apply to their daily routine in advancing to strong, refilling and recyclable measures.

Our cultural value geared in thinking better, doing better and becoming the best, therefore, we are aimed at ensuring that we promote effective strategies that lead to a cleaner ecosystem suitable for both the current and future generating (Chat stone PTY 2009, 5). Therefore, the business model we have developed and the product will develop will provide a significant impact that the country will be in a position to acknowledge.

As a result of the different complaints from customers that bottled water is expensive and the environmental consequences caused by the plastic water bottles; the aim of the company is to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the products we offer and that our environment is least polluted. The objective of this program will be to change the social understanding of the use of bottled water by involving people to respond to the overall understanding; to refill their bottles in water kiosks as a result of using the smart cards; People to understand the importance of drinking water from stainless steel bottle as compared to drinking from plastic bottles and people to understand the operations of the water kiosks and its significance to health, and finally make people understand the need for making the environment safe by understanding the importance of reusing, refilling and recycling.


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