Preparing Business Graduates for the Global Workforce

Over the past five years The Management industry in Australia has grown weakly. This is a result of the poor demand from the downstream markets following the move of the financial services and resource firms of cutting down the spending on management consultants as a result of the continued fall in commodity prices. On the other hand private businesses are using management consultants to introduce new business processes as well as improve analysis of their services. The management consultants have offered a greater understanding to their businesses and clients and this has contributed to the growth of the industry by 3.8% between the years 2015 and 2016.

It is important for the universities in Australia to come up with strategies that can maintain links to the Management industry in Australia. Some of these strategies include identifying strategic networks, establishment of network links with key stakeholders as well as building strategic relationships. The universities should also encourage their students to act ethically, comply with legislation and applying government systems. This will help the students create a good image of themselves and their demand in the management industry will rise as a result. From the development of greater links, the universities are able to create job opportunities for their graduates and their graduates secure jobs as soon as they finish learning.

Internship opportunities are also available for students from universities that have created greater links to management and it is from these internship programs that students’ abilities are tested and the best considered for job opportunities.




Graduate Employment plan Checklist for students


















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