Pros and Cons of Technology

Technology has become part of the day to day life with almost every activity now embracing it. It is undeniable that technology has become somewhat inseparable with at least every one of us meeting and using it be it in communication, health, security, education, travel and business or even job creation among other many applications. For instance, technology is much used in communication with cell phones becoming the best companions in life with human beings being communicators by default. The internet and other applications including social media platforms are now in our smart phones, and technology is almost one thing that we can hardly do without. Though technology has really helped and served us an advantage, we cannot get skeptical about its cons (Solway, 32)

Technology improves efficiency for doing many of the tasks in our day to day life. For instance, computers, email, and the internet have hard immeasurable great impact, especially on business. Recently, things can be done real time form different geographical locations and instantly through technology. Manufacturing can be done quickly and processes are well automated and streamlined hence reducing waste and lowering the cost of products and living (Solway, 49)

Technology has also led to more creativity and global innovations. Businesses and individuals that embrace technology in business and day to day operations end up staging a more competitive approach and advantage in the market. Technology has offered fast means of communication such that people can link and share business creatively and innovatively with developing new ideas and methodologies easier. Business ideas can easily be shared and passed on with technology. Discussions can be made and done in groups over social media which is always courtesy of technology (Solway, 26)

Technology has a way to saves money and time. In a way, it is not a must that people meet physically to transact business or to be in one place aka an office for them to work. Employers and employees can always telecommunicate and carry their tasks online from the comfort of their homes instead of commuting to their workplaces. Technology saves time and decreases the time it takes to accomplish some tasks hence enhancing productivity with an increase also in communication speed. Emails have become fast and almost instant instead of using postal mails as machines can perfume tasks easily and more accurately than human beings.

Technology opens up access to vast and more reliable information. Employees can fast gain access to websites and even do research for extensive knowledge and insight on things. Orders can be made online and purchases made, courtesy of technology (Solway, 40)

However, technology has also come with a fair share of drawbacks. Technology has a way to make people lazy and build up dependency. Almost every activity has some embedded technology and the over-reliance on technology has made people lazy technology has delayed people’s activity and broadening of minds making them less creative and innovative to make other alternatives of doing things. Technology is also hard to manage as it needs fast upgrading to keep up to date and thus expensive for technology systems need always to be upgraded so that they don’t run obsolete. Technology has distorted the social nature and being of people. Often people have concentrated more on their smartphones and forgot to interact physically. Technology leads also to exploitation of data and resources of information which may otherwise may be not reliable (Solway, 55).




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