Healthy growth of any child in any part of this world is of much essence not only to the parents but most importantly to those kids themselves something that they will all come to appreciate in their future life. We must as well acknowledge the fact that in the current century technology is a bigger part of our lives and whether we like it or not we will at one point need it to better our lives and as a result most parents have chosen to introduce their children to the world of technology as early as possible. Technology like any other manmade thing on this beautiful planet earth has its negative effects on our lives and therefore it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure that these children grow up avoiding the bad and picking the right ones only (Guernsey, 2007).

Technology can affect the life of a child in many different ways and a good example is the way social media has managed to take away the amount of time children especially tweens spend with their parents and therefore the relationship between parents and them has become worrying since they do not open up to each other compared to kids who talk and spend more time with their parents or even older relatives. Technology might as well destroy healthy growth of these kids because they spend more time seated using phones and computers or watching TV rather engaging in healthy activities like playing which is a good source of exercise to them (Guernsey, 2007).



There are a lot of consequences in terms of development in the lives of these children who are exposed to technology both negative and positive and to analyze this we are going enlighten some of these consequences. The positive ones included the exposure tweens get when for example using phones to socialize with their peers. With phones and computers they feel a bit free to share information unlike when they use verbal communication. Another value that we should appreciate is the skills that some of the kids might develop as they grow for example a game that they play on their computer might equip a child with skills that might help determine his/her career in future (Guernsey, 2007).

There are a lot of negative consequences as well when parents do not control the amount of time children spend indulging in technology. If not monitored technology can replace the connection of a child with nature something that we all ought to grow up appreciating. Connection with nature gives a child a sense of responsibility and that way they learn to care about nature and preserve it as well once they have understood about it and that is only achieved by spending time with the outside world.

Children who spend more time with technology also tend to build more trust on it than their parents in that they seek solution and are more open to it than they are to their parents and therefore this weakens the bond between them.




Online bullying also known as cyber bullying is the act of cruel treatment to users of internet buy other users who are after self-interest by use of cruel messages or images most of which are personal. It is clear to note that it is illegal and totally wrong to bully but most of these cases do not even come to light due to embarrassment caused by this actions.

Unlike the previous generation the current generation use internet, something that has given power to internet users to access all sorts of information and share a lot within a short period of time and this information is accessible to everyone including those bullying other users. Online bullying can therefore expose a child to bad behavior that they might not wish to share. These behaviors can change the way a kid relates to anyone because of feeling unappreciated and disliked by others (Costabile, Spears, 2012).

Online bullying may as well affect the performance of a child in school because of feeling confined because their personal space or inner morale has been destroyed.  Self-estimate is based on confidence and once that is taken away from a kid it is completely hard for that child to face daily challenges with courage (Chapman, Arlene, 2014).

Children who experience this type of bullying also tend to pick certain habits in attempt to manage the stress they undergo and these habits include indulging in drugs and taking alcohol at an early age. The health of these kind of children are therefore affected massively because first they learn to do drugs and secondly they pick a bad habit of not being able to manage stress in a proper way.



Most of the online bullies use information that most of the time is considered by the victim as private and therefore they grow up feeling completely insecure because they will always have it in mind that this world is no safe place for them.

Just like any other problem online bullying has solutions and it can be prevented even before it happens rather than after. First it is important to note that people get bullied depending on the type of sites they visit therefore parents can manage online bullying by guiding their kids on the safe sites and good games to play not forgetting the type of videos to watch (Costabile, Spears, 2012).

Another important measure is by using applications that help us keep watch of the passwords and ensure they are protected from someone trying to access them. By now we know that only if someone gets access to these kids’ computers or mails is when they can cause damage therefore why not work hard to prevent them.

Parents should as well teach their children to learn to talk to them or even their friends more than sharing important information with strange users that they come across online. This helps them keep their secrets and important information to the right people whom they can always rely on. Technology is important tool in our lives today but it is important for parents to know that with their guidance their children will learn the positive consequences and grow up as better people.






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