Race Theory

Race Theory


The race theory has been on a progressive development journey from the era of colonization to the present era of autonomy. Ancient theorist opted for a more reserved socio-historic approach to study the race ideology (Winant, 51).  This theory has however been massively transformed in the contemporary world through the racial formation process. The present priority of the racial theory is to offer enough support to the unending connotation and shifting meaning of race.


Winant explores in to the deeper quotas of ethnicity, social class and nationality in the contemporary world. The shift from the mere racial ideology of a black or white race is hence an important shift from the narrow theoretical approach of the racial theory to the bigger picture (Winant, 53). I find the style that he uses to explain the component of the American society quite impressive. There is an authentic reason as to why different people from divergent ethnic aborigines end up in America.




Why does the racial theory face real challenges in convincing the critics? The ideology of race attracts two major critics. The failure of the ideology to identify the salience that a collective paradigm can grow in over 500,000 years and the failure to acknowledge at the level of experience of the daily life, race  is a relatively impermeable part of humanity (Winant, 54). As a matter of fact living in the United Sates can never be possible up until someone belongs to certain race.


Unlike other authors, Winant opts for a rather simplified approach in discussing the race theory. He employs the daily life as the core variable to define the changes in time and the relevance of understanding the racial theory subject to the timeline of existence. His style of dissecting the changes in the racial theory present a more pragmatic approach to the racial differences and how to unite such divergent aborigines in the contemporary world.






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