Who are you as a learner and why are you here?

As a student, am self-driven driven, goal oriented and well organised. This is reflected in how I carry on with my activities at Grand Canyon University. I budget my time effectively between my school work and personal studies so as to ensure that I effectively gain from both. I also have a host of academic resources including a host of books and a computer through which I access a lot of internet literature that are helpful to my studies. My main objective as doctoral student at the Grand Canyon University is to a well-equipped and accomplished professional ready to serve the society and this is only made better by the vast resources available at the institution.

What strengths do you bring to the doctoral journey and what are areas of growth you will need in order to be successful in the doctoral journey?

Research and writing is key to any doctoral student and I am no exception. It is in this area that I have strengths and weaknesses as well. I am very comfortable in carrying out online research and in so doing distinguish quantitative research from qualitative research and even identify empirical articles with ease. In writing, I am comfortable with APA citations as I am well conversed with the 6th edition of the APA manual as this is recommended for doctoral writing. I however, there are areas I need to improve on and these includes the clarity and consistency of writing and also improve on my online researching techniques.

 What areas of project interest do you bring to the doctoral journey?

I am hugely interested in wound care research and this has led me to a series of consultations with fellow students at the institution. I have also read a complete dissertation in this area and through improving my doctoral research and writing skills, I hope to add something new in the form of wound care research.



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