Should college athletes be paid?


College athletes should be compensated and rewarded for their hard work and achievements.  Over the past few years college athletes have gained immense popularity in the United States.  They are deemed to be luckiest of all the students. However, these students undergo a series of hardships. These hardships have seen most of them drop out of school and go on to have miserable lives. They therefore should be compensated to help them get through college life without much problems.

Most of the athletes are forced to leave school because of financial reasons. Many argue that the college athlete are given scholarships. It is however quite unfortunate that the scholarships they receive do not cater for all their financial needs. The athletes come from less fortunate families. That means that they cannot rely on them for upkeep money. The athletes are also spending most of the time in the field practicing and playing which means they have little or no time left to look for money using other avenues. They will need to eat and have money for their personal needs that is not provided for by the scholarships. This might lead to the athlete dropping out of school because he does not have enough money to cater for his day to day expenses.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA is the body that is responsible for the athletes. The school and NCAA make huge amount of money from the college sports. They stand to benefit most than the college athletes. They make a lot of money during the game. They get the money from ticket sales, sport-related merchandise and television contracts. These are not all the avenues that they make money from. The college athlete should also be among the parties that benefit from their hard work. They should be paid because they have earned it.

College athletes should be paid. It is their right and they have earned it.


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