The cases of stress

The cases of stress have been attributed to the deadlines that created to ensure that any project has been completed within the stipulated time. The strategies that I have selected to use include effective communication, conflict resolution by using feedback techniques, improving team efficiencies, and resolving conflicts immediately. These strategies will help encourage my team members to achieve their optimal level. This will enable the team members to release tensions they have encountered due to deadlines.

Effective communication is the process which involves four important components of communication: sender; receiver; message; and feedback. When all these elements of communication are provided will little or no barriers to communication then stress level will reduce among team. I would conduct open communication with my team members to allow them speak of the difficulties they are undergoing and brainstorm on the best ways to solve the challenges. By discussing the issues together we would be in a position to take care of them comfortably.  By practicing effective communication to both team members and workplace, I would be able to approach each and every situation differently by utilizing different team strengths. I will also create open lines of communication.

I will identify conflict process by detecting potential opposition or incompatibility among the team members. This I will determine by gauging members communication abilities, structure of the team and personal variables of each and every member of the team. Feedback technique will be useful in this strategy because it would show achieved milestones.

I expect to improve the working environment and effectiveness of my team members using the above described strategies. With every member of team satisfied with working environment there will be no stress due to deadlines.

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