The Godfather by Mario Puzo analysis

Question One

The courtroom activity and the wedding in the novel The Godfather bring up the theme of justice in the first chapter of the storyline. Amerigo Bonasera, a man whose daughter was hurt by two male convicts, sat in a New York courtroom to hear justice take its course for his daughter who was then at the hospital after being beaten by the two males. Sadly, the judge makes a ruling in favour of the two convicts by suspending the sentence. This makes Bonasera so furious because he believes that the country and especially the judicial system in the country should be their family who always offer the citizens the protection and honor they deserve.

Bonasera is then left with no option but to pledge loyalty to Don Corleone, a very powerful mafia boss, to seek justice in his case. Corleone, depicted as a criminal in character, is no doubt the last savior for Bonasera because he is seen to have some moral codes. Bonasera, therefore, approaches Corleone at his daughter’s wedding and pledges his loyalty to Corleone to seek justice for his daughter’s attackers. Corleone satisfied of the plea promises to take action and orders Tom Hagen, his adopted son and also a family lawyer, to take action that is paramount to the crime but not murder.

Question Two

In the novel, Godfather is realistic because he uses his power to seek justice and follow the right path of law. For instance, in the case of the men who beat his undertaker’s daughter, Don orders that justice takes its course by a punishment that is paramount to the crime without taking the lives of the two men. This happens immediately Bonasera leaves Corleone’s place. In another instance, when Virgil Sollozzo, a drug peddler, seeks protection and financial support from Godfather on his business, he refuses the offer and ends up being hurt by the criminals.

However, Godfather is also seen to be unrealistic. For instance, he first refused to accept Bonasera’s plea for justice claiming that he had always been on the right side of law. Yet he agree to pursue justice after Bonasera pledges loyalty to him. Thus, the character makes him unrealistic. To shade more light on this, The Godfather arranges for the Congress to grant citizenship to a war prisoner so that he can marry the daughter of his baker a situation that contravenes the same law that he stands to defend making him unrealistic.

Question Three

The novel begins in a courtroom where there is tensed atmosphere especially to the defendants of the criminal offence. The court’s ruling ends up sorrowful to the defendants that makers a reader of the novel want to know more of the next step of action after the unjust ruling. In the second stage, the writer introduces the readers into a wedding function, which is the next stop for the sad Bonasera, who is seeking for justice thus making the reader want to know more of the happenings. The writer through artistic imagery describes Dons residence that indicates the kind of good life he is leading. Finally, the different leadership roles and business orientation the Don and his children performs also motivates the readers of the novel to know the next step of mafia boss story.





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