An overview of the documentary.

“The persuaders” is a ninety-minute documentary directed by both Rachael Dretzin and Barak Goodman having its main theme as an advertisement of the current and the old ages. The business in focus is that of Song Airlines, which was launched by Delta Airline company to be a low-cost commercial airline saving the travelers across the United stated. The first half of the documentary examines how the advertisers make efforts to break through the clutter they have created as a way to reach out to the consumers in the markets. In addition, it examines the changes that have taken place because initially the advertisers looked into what the products do as opposed to the current marketing strategies that examine what the products means to both the producers and the consumers.

The second part of the documentary digs deeper into how the new advertising strategies can be put into practice. There are notable changes to the advertising languages to source for consumers, and this is evident in the advertisement of Song Airline. The advertisement dubbed “Sing” which consisted of singing, dancing, happiness, children dancing as well as all sorts of heart-warming ideas. This was meant to attract the customers to use the new Song Airline with the primary aim of increasing sales. Unfortunately, the consumers did not connect the meaning of the advertisement and the airline. This, therefore, means that the advertisement did not meet the intended goal due to the communication within the advertisement.

Identify and discuss two things you learned in the video.

One is the language of communication used in the advertisement. The language of communication forms the better part of an advertisement as well as the mission and vision of the advertisement. The Song advertisement did not work well because the language of communication was not appropriate for the consumer; it was not convincing how the songs and dance were connected to traveling by customers. The language of communication in every advertisement should be precise as possible hence attraction to more consumers thereby leading to an increase in sales of the company.

Similarly, an advertisement should be goal oriented because, in the case of Song, their main aim was to increase the sales as well as sell their brand name to the consumers with both the knowledge and those without to influence their choice of the commercial planes to travel. Therefore, their advertisement was to be connected to the advantages that Song had over other commercial planes, and this would have influenced the consumer choice rather than the dance and other things involved in the advertisements.

Why is this video important to marketers? 

The video is paramount to marketers because, for every product made by a company, it is bound to be introduced into the market. The introduction of every new product into the market, therefore, requires a well channeled and précised advertisement of the new product to the market to influence the choice of consumers. This video further cautions the marketers that time changes with every change in technology. Therefore, the time has come for marketers to use adds and application to reach out to more consumers in the markets. Making losses will be a choice made by a marketer by failing to advertise the product within a required time limit since time is of the essence to marketing and the flow of goods and services.





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