The production of reality” is a book that sociologically explain the shared meaning as the basis of humanness. To bring out the reality, this book begins by looking into the response of human beings towards an action directed to them at any given point. This book says that human beings do not act directly towards an action or an incident unlike the other animals do. This book gives an example of elephants that meet up and one places its trunk into the mouth of the other. The flow of fluid between them enable the elephants to respond positively such as copulate, work together or fight among others. Hence, the book concludes that the animals react directly to the physical environment.

Additionally, this book says that as for the case of human response towards an action, more often they impose a symbolic interpretation on the same experience and finally draw up a conclusion according to the result of interpretation. From this book, a sociologist argues out that human attach symbolic meaning in towards an action to come to a conclusion to the appropriate response. Appropriate action will depend on the name of the action to be done. This book, in addition, says that the action of human beings, as well as their behaviors, depend on symbols and their significance. This book gives an example of the Flag, which is a national symbol of a country; it may direct a person to behave in a certain way due to the meaning that it carries as a symbol.

Further this book also points out that the behavior of a human will depend on symbols, experience as well as the culture within a given environment. This book also makes reference to a reading seven whereby Joel Charon in his capacity says that in the absence of symbols system, the human experience as well as a culture would not be possible. Further, this book looks into the historical advent symbolic system that is used by a human. This book records that the source of symbolic system that provide meaning is the language

In conclusion, this book says that language is critical as far as the social behavior of the human IS concerned. These two aspects are related in that the human behavior depends on the language that one understands. The language further brings out the thought hence the response of human towards an action. The language in combination with the thought will contribute to the social interaction of a human being as said by this book hence the importance of the language as far as human behavior and the response is concerned.





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