Third Worldism under feminist eyes

Third Worldism under feminist eyes

Most of the world third –worldist films were produced by men. This is because it was not a routine to venerate any form of sexual politics regarding the anti-colonial third films at those particular times. (LAVIE, P74)

Illustrating the The Battle of Algiers, the Algerian women are seen being given the mandate over revolutionary agency. On another matter the same Algerian women fighters passes for Frenchwomen and thus successfully are able to pass with bombs in their baskets. From this example, it evident that women took a step of carrying masculine activities and roles that was never expected at that time. Although they appear strong and heroic enough to fight for the nation regardless of many things they were passing through, they are not addressed to struggle s for nation but rather, patriarchal revolution is pointed out.

The third-worldist films most times gave space of heroic confrontations without gender isolation. However there was minimal turn-up to women in respect to the places allocated to them. This made the issues regarding them goes unattended as there were no enough issues that were raised. On the other hand, women were still left with national burden as seen in the Battle of Algiers carrying bombs that were used for war without being exposed. This shows that they were exploited indirectly while there issues addressed partially. Although they are strictly confined to the world of silent not to mention anything they saw, they still maintained their togetherness and lived as a community which made them to survive through all situations.  They were supportive of each other regarding issues that faced them and decided on the way forward as a one family.




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