Towards a Healthier New York.

Living a healthy lifestyle has gradually developed to become a basic requirement in the modern day world. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is the legislator body entrusted with the responsibility to positively influence the lives of New Yorkers in a positive way. The Take Care New York policy is one of the best health policies from a nursing stand point. Nurses are the immediate helpers of patients admitted in the emergency, outpatient or inpatient departments of the New York health care facilities. The main objective of this policy is to minimize the mortality rate as a result of lifestyle changes New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. (2004).

This is an attractive policy because of the introduction of exclusive inclusion and consideration of the economical, racial and political disparities across the city. The role of a nurse is to ensure that the patient has exclusive access to healthcare by offering their professional services as a subject of public utility. There has been a positive policy change to adopt a health responsible culture where every New Yorker is encouraged to have a doctor or health provider flexible within their racial, economical, religious and even political needs (Busko, 2013). This development forms a major component of the modern

Nurses and other health care practitioners within the New York environment are however bound to encounter massive challenges in the quest to sustain a healthy culture of medical consultation and monitoring to ascertain the safety of this society.  The complexity of the nursing profession also brings in to focus the high cost of health services against the economic disparities in the New York society.  The nursing profession is bound on core ethics of authenticity, equity and value. Nurses will hence have to develop quite a flexible personality in the quest to sustain these work ethics amid financial and racial disparities in this society.



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