What God has joined together: The Lord’s Definition of Marriage


The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspect of “What God has joined together: The Lord’s Definition of Marriage”. The paper will particularly narrow down by discussing the following, “Creation established the equality of male and female,” and explain how this statement can be applied to marriage and family counseling today.

From the story of creation in the book of Genesis 1:26-28 we find much has been narrated about personhood, which is also important in that it brings the essence of equality of the female and male. The creation story in broader perspective brings out clearly the three principles of equality that relates to the creation of man as female and male. The first principle is biblical marriage reflects God’s image in the relationship of equals. The second principle is the female and male give a clear image of God in a balanced manner. Lastly, the third principle states that both female and male are commissioned to have equal authority.

The statement “Creation established the equality of male and female” in a broader perspective finds much of its application in marriage and family counseling today by putting into consideration the three above principles. From the first principle, it can be better used to give guidance to married couples that God in His words said: “Let us make Man.” Using a singular noun, in that case, clearly shows that marriage is a relationship between the equals and the couples need to take heed the aspect of marriage and do as anticipated by God.


The above discussion brings in the aspect of equality of God’s creation of both male and female. From the story of creation, the book of Genesis brings in the issue of equality in marriage that binds both male and female together.in addition the three principles that articulates from the creation of man as female and male which in broader perspective we get to see its application in counseling of both family and married couples.






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