Writing skills

In the current intellectual world, you may be surprised mouth wide open to assume that top-tier college graduates are the best to give a well-structured representation of their thoughts on paper. You may not believe it until you hire one and instruct them to give report an adult report expressing their thoughts on paper! You may not forgive yourself for hiring them or even on such basis contemplate showing them the fast exit gate from your company. Though many graduates have the expertise of their field, it is very disappointing, surprising and heartbreaking how poor their writing skills can be.

The unintelligible report writing menace has been there for quite some while now in the corporate world. Often, companies cover their intellectually high end employees yet poor writers by blending them with people who are smart and fast in putting thoughts down to paper. However in the current age in which information is bottom-line driven and prerequisites flexibility and adversity of quality writing, the strategy of covering poor writers by surrounding them with other people with good writing skills is not applicable with many of the poor writer facing the sack courtesy of their inability to get it on paper fast and smart.

In today’s corporate world, smart and fast writing is more of a requirement for entry in any corporate office with clear and concise writing being able to either qualify or disqualify one for a job opportunity. It is surprising that even most of the employees established in a company for long term are very poor in expressing their thoughts on paper. This is a good show that though qualified in their respective fields, their writing classes were omitted and thus made them the poorest writers ever. To counteract this ‘firing ground’, colleges and institution should take the initiative along making experts in specific fields, to sharpen and also make expert writers simultaneously.

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