Building an HR Strategy and The Future for HR Professionals


The paper is an essay that will base its arguments by giving a discussion on the aspect of building an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals. The article will explicitly define and discuss building HR strategy and the future for HR professionals and further give the importance of HR strategy in broader perspective.

HR strategy has the meaning of determining the size, cost and structure of the resource that is required or rather needed to deliver and ensuring that all activities of the HR are aligned according to the business needs and also the future HR professionals (Becker et al., 2001). For a successful HR strategy within the company or rather an institution it is critical to put into consideration some essential aspects such as alignment of HR needs and the business which incorporates the goals of the enterprise (Becker et al., 2001).

The other key aspects are such as organizational performance, organizational structure, and design, strategic resourcing, compensation and benefits, and lastly organization culture which if incorporated together leads or rather results to a successful HR within the organization to a greater extent (Becker et al., 2001).

Building an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals plays a significant role in most of the organization leading to market leadership in its area of interest which in most cases it is boosted by the capability of the organization under a successful HR strategy. It is also important in that all organizations whether dealing in services or products need the best human resource (HR) within its environ for delivery of search services or products that lead to constant flow from the organizations (Becker et al. 2001).



From the building of an HR strategy and the future for HR professionals, it is of much importance for all organizations to take heed of the critical steps for a successful HR strategy. Taking heed of the critical steps that would lead to a successful HR strategy would accrue the organizations with much importance as stated above in the article. Therefore, organizations need to put in place the most appropriate strategies that would benefit them in their activities.















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