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The paper is an essay that will base its discussion on the aspects such as an overview of my exploration of my local health department which in this case is California department of public health (CDPH), defining the epidemiology and public health. The paper will also look into two milestones in public health.

Overview of my local public health department exploration

From my local exploration, it came across the vision and mission of California department of public health (CDPH). Their vision in this case is healthy families and individuals in a healthful community and society. On the other hand, CDPH mission is dedicating themselves to optimize the health and people well-being in California. Under the California public health department, we find that it is categorized into programs, health information, and services. The programs under the public health department provide links to CDPH programs from both A-Z index and organizational views. Services, on the other hand, provides information on CPDH activities including activities such as preventive, outreach, and clinical work. Lastly health information offers variety of topics such as specific conditions and diseases, family health which involves prenatal care, newborns, pregnancy, adolescent health, and children.

Epidemiology and public health

Epidemiology in simple terms refers to the study of disease determinants and distribution in populations. On the other hand, public health refers to the organized and united efforts of the society or rather the community to prevent illness and promote health standards to the respective population. Taking into account the relationship between epidemiology and public health from the California department of public health we come to understand that epidemiology is defined as the basic science of public health.

Two milestones in public health

From the exploration, the most significant milestones that are fought in the department of public health includes vaccination and eradication of small pox which has been a song all the way from our infancy stage at a tender age. Environmental health also falls under the milestones that are fought by the public health department globally.






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