Leadership in Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump a Leader?

Donald Trump is a popular figure both within and outside the United States. Apart from being a front runner for the Republican primaries in the forth-coming presidential elections, he is also known for his successful businesses in the United States over the past few decades. The question as to whether Donald Trump is a good leader can be answered differently by different people. To answer this question, the paper will look at factors that qualify Donald Trump as a good leader and those that weigh down his leadership skills and finally settle on the side of the argument that has much weight.

Construing that Donald Trump is a great leader basically implies that he is a good business leader. This can be proven by his track record. His business including real estate business and television business has grown over the years to stellar levels. If Donald Trump were to be judged by his track record in business, the he truly is a great leader.

Secondly, Donald Trump has shown purposefulness not only in his business but also in his republican nomination campaigns. Donald Trump identifies that which he needs and exerts all energy and charisma into getting that. This can be judged by his success in a chosen area of business and the charisma and the charge with which his campaigns are conducted.

Looking at the other side of the person Donald Trump is, I would say that he is a person who lacks integrity. This can be construed from his actions and utterances. Donald Trump wants to be the next American president yet he looks down upon and ridicules American who sacrifices themselves in war for the peace of the nation such as John McCain. This is not what to expect from a true leader.

Further, Donald Trump is gender biased and discriminates against the female gender. His comments with regards to American women, Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly show chauvinism and discrimination. America is the most democratic nation in the world and thus her leaders should not be discriminative.

Leaders need to make the society a better place for everyone. This requires vision which clearly lacks in Donald Trump. This is especially as to his utterance against people of Mexican origin. America is a multi-cultural nation and there are many Latinos of Mexican origin who are citizens of the US. Such an attitude as of Donald Trump appears to be causing a rift and discontent among these people. The solutions he offers for the illegal immigration across the Mexican border is not also sufficient. He talks about building a wall as the ultimate solution while the same could be solved by fostering diplomatic relations.

Donald Trump does not look like a leader who can effectively offer service to the American people. He looks more of a bully who once elected into the presidency will force all to agree by his decisions as long as it is possible as so far he treats dissent with disrespect including to insults even to Republicans.


Reflecting on the above said, I would simply restate that Donald Trump is not the representation of the perfect leader America would be needing in the future. There is no disputing his ability to lead from the business from as his successes with his businesses over the past few decades have been great.

Judging Donald Trump as a political leader however points out to huge deficiency of leadership skills. Donald Trump comes out as a leader who lacks vision for the people he so desires to lead. He discriminates against them and even insults them. The solutions that he offers to some of the problems America is facing are likely to cause more damage than solve the problem. Leadership qualities he shows in business can be applied on the political front but he however needs to work on the areas he scores poorly to be a good leader for the US.


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