Anna Deavere’s approach to theatre making comes in one of the most captivating ways ever. She applies brilliant solo performance technique as a universal to reconnoiter critical issues of race, personality and community in America. Her style of marrying art with reality makes this style quite attractive and unique because it brings out the realistic side of art (Deavere, 2014).  Her work is exclusively embraced in the American society because of the unique set up that makes the audience directly associate with the play “Twilight”. Anne has an eerie way of copying the traits of different characters and hence can fit in any character role (Deavere, 2014).  This is a unique quality because it enables her to perfectly execute the any character in the paly to the highest level of excellence irrespective, of their gender, race, social class and faith.

Anne’s aspiration in this play was to attract the attention of every American notwithstanding their social, ethnic, cultural, religious or political differences (Deavere, 2014). She perfectly executes her agenda for the play and wins the spirit of all viewers even outside the American borders.  Unlike other story tellers, Anne has successfully accomplished the quality of owning different cultures within one play.  This play is certainly one of the best ever in history because of such rich combinations engineered by Anne.

Roberto Lovato analysis of the Los Angele riots is quite informative. He is quite pragmatic on the state of grieving expressed by the families who have lost their loved ones to the cruel hand of death. Raquel Martinez represents the grieving families through her suffering and morning of a loved one she engages Robert in search of comfort. The insurgence of Raquel, Robert and the 50 mission district residents against killing indicates the common call for unity against common evil regardless of gender, race or social class.



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