Academic vs Professional Resources

Today, many people are pursuing advanced education to learn more in their respective professions. For instance, I intend to further my studies in nursing by going for an MSN program at Walden University. This advancement will allow me to acquire appropriate skills in nursing. However, there are various tools available to enable one to acquire appropriate skills and knowledge. Using academic resources and strategies is an important means of improving individual and creating a healthy work environment (Hewett, 2015). In this paper, I will discuss academic resources like a library, online databases, nursing journals, and professional resources being organized and attending educational workshops, among others. In addition, I will address how I would use the resources in nursing.

Academic resources

The first academic resource that one can use is the library. The library offers information that any student can use for educational purposes. It is a great source of journals and scholar articles (Walden University tips, 2019). Library has important information in various fields that help a student when seeking academic information. In addition, other sources like video resources produced to attain the needs of learning knowledge and skills anytime over the internet. Thus, an online library can offer us study resources we require to excel in academics. I intend to use the library as a resource to acquire more information to use in course work. This will aid me in acquiring appropriate information relevant to my course.

The other academic resource that one can use is a nursing journal. Nursing journals are a great resource to go through and keep you updated on the happenings and advancements in the profession (Walden University, 2019). Journals can offer information regarding the healthcare environment from professionals in the field that can be applied on the job. Thus, nursing journals help in acquiring knowledge, especially on what is trending in the field of nursing. I would use nursing journals to inform, educate, and keep updated on current nursing issues in a changing world. New tools exist through journals for a nursing profession, which if obtained, can be important to stakeholders such as patients, academia, and patients, among others. In addition, it promotes a professional approach in dealing directly in a fast-paced environment and promotes an individual efficiency in performing daily operations in a practical environment. Journals offer for exchange of notions through networking for nurses.

A different academic resource that one can use is an online database. An online database is an essential tool that an individual can use to acquire information when one cannot access a physical library. An online database offers a vast amount of notions and opinions from professionals in the field, which one can use in different ways (Online College, 2019). I intend to apply an online database to collect information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. In addition, to be vast with typical issues around healthcare, new advances, and methods for specialties in the profession. An online database enables me to collaborate and share with other professionals through discussion forums. Thus, an online database is an important resource for students at different academic levels. I will use an online database to attain academic-based information in the nursing field.

Professional resources

The first professional resource that one can use is time. Time has to be managed efficiently when doing an online course. For instance, documents must be handed over in time. Since time runs fast, it is important to incorporate all duties and try to get all things performed at the right time through proper planning (Walden University, 2019). In research performed in accessing learner’s perception, results showed that course design, as well as time management, are important aspects to successful online learning, whereas lack of community and technical problems were most challenging for online learners. Thus, online course takers have to use their time effectively to eliminate issues that come with inappropriate use of time.

Another professional resource that one can use is an academic advisor. An academic advisor assists in advising one regarding classes and practicum sites. They also aid students to succeed academically. According to Rodney Turner “as an academic advisor, my role is to ensure that not only do you get off to a good start as you begin your master’s program, but also that you continue through your program at a pace that is comfortable for you” (Walden Program Script, 2019).  Thus, I intend to use an academic advisor to help me go on with my MSN at a good pace. This will assist me in understanding the classes that I need to take for my academic success.


It is worth noting that academic and professional resources are important in learning. One has to use both professional and academic tools when advancing their learning in different fields. The most important tools that one must use during learning are an online database, library, nursing journals for people pursuing a nursing course, academic advisors, and time management. Thus, I will use these resources to facilitate my learning. For one’s foundation on professional growth and development to be established, one must be equipped with the right tools that are necessary for building a career.


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