Assessing Quality of Care

Major strengths and weaknesses

There are various strengths for the nursing home survey process in assuring that people have high levels of quality of care and quality of life. Strengths are attributes that can enhance the ability to attain the objectives of healthcare centers like improved patient care, patients being comfortable during care, as well as improved quality of life (Buljac-Samardžić & van Woerkom, 2018). One of the strength is having committed survey staff. Survey staff plays an important role in assessing the quality care in healthcare facilities. Another strength is that the government backs the survey. The support from the government is an important strength when carrying out the survey. Besides, a strong relationship between survey staff and regulatory authorities. A strong relationship is required for a high degree of quality care and quality of life. The objective of the survey of ensuring quality in healthcare setting is another strength.

Despite the strengths, there are various weaknesses for a nursing home survey. Weaknesses are attributes that are not helpful for community health care nursing home programs. First, patients are losing trust and confidence in nursing care providers. Some of the results from survey reduces trust and confidence of patients over care facilities and providers. Second, lack of team or collaborative approach among survey teams (Buljac-Samardžić & van Woerkom, 2018). Teamwork and collaboration is an important aspect of the success of a process like survey. Third, the understaffing of physician specialists in healthcare settings is a weakness. In addition, open day programs do not attract volunteers as well as group accomplices, the social well toll associations. Workers are mainly caught up with other duties, making it impossible to be engaged with open day occasions, and they do not understand what is required from them.


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