Beyond the Four Walls

The key areas for developing quality metrics in the home and community-based care are management, leadership, and finances. Quality is an important aspect of a home and community-based care. Background information of residents, leadership, and finances metrics are of utmost importance in developing quality metrics. To begin with, setting standards of measurement around finances will make sure that the quality of services is of high quality. The fact that no organization that can operate without finance makes metrics on finance an important determinant of quality. Besides, assessing background information about residents is vital (Arxer & Murphy, 2018). The information can be used as a key area of metrics in a nursing home. Leadership performance plays a key role in attaining quality in nursing. Thus, developing quality metrics around leadership, finances, and background information of residents is important.

Notably, assessing the health background information of the residents is easier compared to review the finances of home and community-based care as well as assessing the leadership of the care facilities. It is important to note that during the admission of a patient to any healthcare facility, the patient or the family is obliged to give any health information that would enable the healthcare providers to offer the best service. In addition, healthcare providers can work with other stakeholders to collect necessary information about patients. However, reviewing the finances of home and community based care is a bit challenging. It will be very hard to review the finances of care facilities around because it will need permission from authorities. Similarly, assessing the leadership of home might be tricky because of the process. Therefore, among the three, accessing the resident’s background information is the easiest.


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